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A Series of Firsts

I have been in an introspective, contemplative, meditative frame of mind as of late.  That is not an unusual state in which to find myself.  I am a pretty thoughtful and analytical sort of person, maybe too much so.   1,323 more words


The Best Classical Music. . .For Me

One of the momentous moments in Western history is the Reformation. The Catholic Church had long been led by truly corrupt Popes and Bishops and the theology of the Church had become little more than a slate of justifications for the absurd power wielded by the upper echelons of the hierarchy. 348 more words

Then End of Antiquity, the Rise of Christianity, and the Beginning of Gregorian Chant

The End Of Antiquity

This lecture covers what happened to music during the transition from Classical Antiquity to the Middle Ages.

Classical Antiquity is sometimes called the Greco-Roman period because it includes the high cultures of the Romans as well as the Greeks. 1,699 more words

Music History

Which Senses Does Your Parish's Music Appeal To?

Many American Catholics assume that church music is inherently crappy. While I am by no means a music expert (and I might even be mistaken on some of the technical terms I use below) 910 more words


Select Chants for DHHT

Hello Beloved HT of Miền Trung (and any eavesdroppers)!

This DHHT XI, we get to go a bit old school and do Adoration with some Latin chants. 139 more words

Traditional Latin Mass

XVI: And In Your Head

And in your head I plant

A Gregorian chant

that, years from now,

will still be extant.


Just Because:) Discover Wednesdays

Hi, All!

I realized something…Monday, you start your week. Tuesday, you have memories of Sunday. Thursday, you look forward to Friday. Friday, you crane your whole body towards Saturday, and on Sunday, you rest. 555 more words

Just Because :)