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The Evolution of Music Clefs

When my students are first working with the Grand Staff, they are often confused about the placement of the various clefs.

In piano music, we generally use only the G-clef (Treble clef – not “trouble clef” as some think!) and the F-clef (Bass clef)  I try to show students how the curvy part of the G-clef wraps around the G above middle C and the F-clef looks sort of like an F marking the F below middle C.   102 more words


Chanting Monks Hit Top Of The Charts

Father Benedict Nivakoff shares the inspiration for their album, ‘BENEDICTA: Marian Chant from Norcia’

ipl2 informs us:

Gregorian Chant

The early Christian church derived their music from existing Jewish and Byzantine religious chant. 204 more words

It's OK to be you (and I'll be me)

I found myself needing to buy new headphones recently.  The very helpful chap in the store asked me various sensible questions so that we could home in on the one that would most suit my needs, from among the myriad of choices available.   481 more words

Modern Music

What They Were Chanting


In the last lecture, I covered how Gregorian chant became ascendant during the Middle Ages. In this lecture, I’ll discuss the music itself and its religious purpose. 2,411 more words

Music History