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23rd November 1585. Do, Re, Mi, Fa.....Do.

At the time when Thomas Tallis who died Today in 1585, church music was being complemented increasingly with the secular, which with its greater subtly and variety needed a more refined notation to express it. 370 more words


Consecration Day 13 & Ave Maris Stella & Gregorian Chant

Gregorian chant sung by Schola Mariacka, at St. Mary’s Basilica in Krakow, Poland.

Day 13 of the Consecration initiates a new week, which has the theme of self-knowledge. Text here. Video here:


Music in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy (part 2 of 3: Purgatorio)

Part Two, Purgatorio: Songs of Repentance and Hope: Hymns and Psalms of the Divine Office

In te Domine Speravi:

In Thee O Lord did I hope… 2,649 more words

Hallucinating Melismas with Hildegard of Bingen


The world of the European Middle Ages was beset by superstition, ignorance, and religious bamboozlement.  Women of this time period had it especially bad. Many were subject to arranged marriage and denied education. 1,899 more words

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