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Nice Hypocrisy

A little hypocrisy and a little compromise oil the wheels of social life.
Gregory Bateson

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Kindling for education's fire


This was the original entry for planet Earth in Douglas Adams’ the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which was later expanded by the book’s sub-editors in a subsequent edition to… “Mostly harmless”. 754 more words

Personal Development

Others' Myths

It is only the myths of other people or other times that we label myth.
Thurman Arnold

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Seascapes: Shaped by the Sea

I am delighted to have received my copy of Seascapes: Shaped by the Sea, a book edited by Mike Brown and Barbara Humberstone exploring ‘different perspectives of being with the sea’, in which I have a chapter. 605 more words

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - Mental Illness Treatment Over the Past 150+ Years - Part II

By Dr David Laing Dawson

In the spring of 1969 a new psychiatric facility was opened on the campus of the University of British Columbia, the first component of a full service teaching hospital. 596 more words