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A View of Neurosis as Entropy

If you were to bust into a psychiatric conference, attract everyone’ attention by some means, and then object loudly that both psychiatry (and medicine in general) are deeply flawed because they treat people as if they were physical or material entities, you would undoubtedly provoke a fair amount of laughter before you were escorted unceremoniously to the door.  7,449 more words

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Bateson, schismogenesis, etc and The Wire...

So, am reading about Institutional Work.  And stumbled on an article that used the best television show that I ever saw (‘The Wire’) to talk about this and a LOT else.   953 more words


Gregory Bateson's Steps to an Ecology of Mind

Much is being said in this day and age about the idea of humanity and human consciousness undergoing a massive “paradigm shift.”  The phrase “paradigm shift” was first coined by physicist Thomas Kuhn in his book, “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions,” which he wrote in 1962.  621 more words

Touching Heaven

Comunicar a comunicação através da comunicação - Metadiálogos

Cada vez mais, vivemos num mundo onde a comunicação faz-se de uma maneira mais rápida e constante, as barreiras temporais e espaciais que antes havia à comunicação deixaram de existir. 1,637 more words

Comunicar é... : Metalogues Insight

Os acontecimentos sociais que marcaram o século XX, como as Grande Guerras, deram origem à necessidade de estudar o papel da comunicação nas relações humanas. 2,138 more words

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useless art

Sometimes, here in this world, while I grow up, I see all the problems of this world of ours, and all the things that happen, and I have a hard time accepting that all what I’m doing is just dancing. 321 more words

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«Every Schoolboy knows»: inside the thinking of Gregory Bateson

A little unknown English philosopher, Gregory Bateson, that I recently discovered, can help us broaden our world view by placing life in its center. He proposed a more diverse ecology of knowing, hoping to see more interactions than what pops up in our limited minds, that follow the doctrine dominant, that follows the formatted patterns we all know, or at least feel. 900 more words