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Playful Pictures #4 and #5

Today’s images are two of Sir John Tenniel’s illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There.

Interestingly, illustrating Through the Looking Glass… 336 more words

Shall We Play A Game?

Meta-Blog: About This Blog--Introducing Gregory Bateson & the Idea of Metalogue


This category of the blog has to do with discussions of the process itself, or what is called a metalogical approach. But what is a metalogue? 923 more words

Personal History

An ecology of pain

Short arcs of a circuit

“Life depends upon interlocking circuits of contingency, while consciousness can see only such short arcs of such circuits as human purpose may direct. 559 more words

Science And The World

Mindfulness and Reverence in Peace Building: a Khmer Buddist alternative to Bateson's purposive-consciousness

by Daksha Madhu Rajagopalan
Masters student | University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland

Download PDF: CH2(1).49-68.Rajagopalan

Abstract:This is an exploration of Buddhist mindfulness as a means of conflict resolution and peace building. 9,349 more words

Issue 1

Euphoria by Lily King

I found out about this book by proofreading one of my library’s booklists. I can’t even remember which one, because I waited forever on hold and now the details are fuzzy. 748 more words

Adult Fiction


Good morning, Jim. You’re back, are you? Well, as you can see, we’re still here. You’ll want coffee, of course. Look, everything’s where it’s always been: filters, coffee, machine, cups. 755 more words


Seed pod ~

Somebody was saying to Picasso that he ought to make pictures of things the way they are–objective pictures. He mumbled that he wasn’t quite sure what that would be. 242 more words