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Comunicar a comunicação através da comunicação - Metadiálogos

Cada vez mais, vivemos num mundo onde a comunicação faz-se de uma maneira mais rápida e constante, as barreiras temporais e espaciais que antes havia à comunicação deixaram de existir. 1,637 more words

Comunicar é... : Metalogues Insight

Os acontecimentos sociais que marcaram o século XX, como as Grande Guerras, deram origem à necessidade de estudar o papel da comunicação nas relações humanas. 2,138 more words

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useless art

Sometimes, here in this world, while I grow up, I see all the problems of this world of ours, and all the things that happen, and I have a hard time accepting that all what I’m doing is just dancing. 321 more words

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«Every Schoolboy knows»: inside the thinking of Gregory Bateson

A little unknown English philosopher, Gregory Bateson, that I recently discovered, can help us broaden our world view by placing life in its center. He proposed a more diverse ecology of knowing, hoping to see more interactions than what pops up in our limited minds, that follow the doctrine dominant, that follows the formatted patterns we all know, or at least feel. 900 more words



But epistemology is always and inevitably personal. The point of the probe is always in the heart of the explorer: What is my answer to the question of the nature of knowing?   62 more words


How nature works and the way people think

“The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think”

― Gregory Bateson

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Technology in Early Childhood Education: Tools and Languages

Posted by Debi Keyte-Hartland

If we are to develop new pedagogical approaches that value digital and technological ‘tools’ as capable of expressive and creative potential then we must look to the digital landscape as a range of possible languages rather than ‘tools’. 

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