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The Best Minds of My Generation: For Rob Trousdale and Lindsey Trout Hughes

Re: Allen Ginsberg, The Best Minds of My Generation:A Literary History  of the Beats, edited by Bill Morgan

Dear Rob and Lindsey,

I’m grateful to you both for sharing your writing  with me and through me, to others—may these poems and pieces continue to animate  “Mayahana bodhisattvic compassionate empathy” (A. 695 more words

World Literature

On This Day in History Gregory Corso was Born

March 26, 2017

The Beat Hotel, Paris

The Beats: Gregory Corso

On this day in 1930 Gregory Corso was born. He died in 2001 and is buried in the English Cemetery in Rome, in proximity to the Romantic poets Percy Bysshe Shelley and John Keats. 278 more words

Beat Movement

"Not Franklin not Jefferson who speaks for America today / but strange red-necked men of industry / and the goofs of show business"

(poetry diary  188 -2/25/17)

The American Way

Gregory Corso


I am a great American

I am almost nationalistic about it!

I love America like a madness! 22 more words

Beat Films

About two-thirds of the way through John Waters’ Hairspray, our teen runaways happen upon two crazy Beatniks holed up in an artists’ pad in Baltimore. 1,890 more words

Issue 001

"Pull My Daisy" - A Rant About Beatniks

It’s 5AM in New York – the Lower East Side to be precise.

Like most New Yorkers you’re tired, anxious, a little caustic in tone. There never seems to be enough time to get anything done, and on top of that, you feel as if you’ve only had about an hour’s sleep on which to function. 862 more words

Issue 001

Beat Freedom

Gregory Corso’s Variations on a Generation, exploring what it means to be “beat.” First it’s about how to write poetry: beat writers use “spontaneity ‘bop prosody’ surreal-real images jumps beats cool measures long rapidic vowels, long long lines, and, the main content, soul.” In beat writing you’re free from traditional old constraints and the words come out spontaneous according to rhythms and images that speak to the souls of the poets themselves and to others who are “beat”. 492 more words


Lines to Gregory Corso

Protestant Cemetery, Rome

. . . Let the Tiber remind me of all your quirky songs

shrouded in cigarette smoke,

the odd fragmented verses

rendered stoned and eloquent… 28 more words