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Our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary ...

Of all the moments in my life, you were always there somewhere. Once as a wish, once as a blessing and now the greatest loss I’ll ever experience.- unknown… 720 more words


Sighhhhh ... It's Been 13 Months

“Some broken hearts never mend, some memories never end, some tears will never dry, my love for you will never die.” ~ Some Broken Hearts Never Mend… 646 more words



Today has been overwhelming to say the least

I have such a difficult time handeling life. Hard to do one thing or have a routine. Just making sure that I pray do my quiet time see Greg eat bathe is overwhelming; then adding school and homework (which is all online and I don’t have Internet at home and am unable to do it my phone bc phone doesn’t support it) and places close or are really loud, and church, spending time with friends, making sure bills are paid on time all that just adds to the overwhelmingness feeling. 876 more words


A Year Ago We Buried Greg

A year ago today we were burying Greg. It’s all such a daze, but I remember a lot of that week and day.

Most of which I don’t let myself think about bc then all the PTSD, anxiety, and feeling like I’m reliving it all over happens and one time is enough. 765 more words


Gregory Butler, John 3:16

John 3:16

Gregory S. Butler (My Beloved Greggie)

I love and miss you so very much my love, I can not believe that it’s been a year. 896 more words


7 ... 6 ...

Well I debated on whether or not I should write this and then I thought well yea some of it is personal, but then I thought well the point of writing all of this is to help others and maybe there’s a Widda out there who needs to know that she’s not alone in what she’s going through. 1,939 more words


Last Two Weeks

I’ve been quiet the last two weeks. I had planned on writing once a week till Gregs Heavenly Birthday, but obviously I haven’t. And this isn’t going to so what’s going on justice. 354 more words