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Anna Karenina.

Greta Garbo in MGM’s 1935 ‘Anna Karenina’ the adaptation of Tolstoy’s novel of the same name.


Anna Christie

«Gimme a whisky, ginger ale on the side, and don’t be stingy, baby!», Greta Garbo nei panni di Anna Christie

MGM; 21 febbraio 1930; regia di… 493 more words


Det som göms i snö...

Eller det som göms på kontoret rättare sagt. För ett par månader sedan hittades ett arkiv med gömda fotografier på några av tidernas största Hollywood giganter. 67 more words


Garbo Screen Test.

All right at this point I should confess that I have a massive crush on Greta Garbo, is it right to have a crush on a woman older than my Grandparents (well not my Paternal Grandfather but he was a lot older than my Grandmother) anyway she died when I was four years old I’m going to ignore the rights and wrongs and go along with it and if time travel is ever is invented I’m going back to be a Garbo groupie. 74 more words


Remembering The Great Garbo.

On April 15th 1990 in New York twenty six years ago today an eighty four year old Greta Garbo died, many would think that with her death then her mystique would end with her but how wrong that theory that is still today she burns as bright as she did when she was gracing the screen at MGM when she was an in demand actress. 343 more words


Greta Garbo.

When in later life long after she retired a fan asked her is she was Greta Garbo, Garbo’s reply was simply to say “I was Greta Garbo.


Queen Christina (1933)

  • Ben Mankiewicz tells us that this movie was originally set to star Laurence Olivier, but Greta Garbo was able to convince the studio to fire him & hire John Gilbert as his replacement.
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