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Make Your Own Gin And Impress All Your Friends

Gin is my summer drink (although shandies are quite nice in their own way).  That first 85+ degree day when you can finally sit on a patio (or porch or stoop) you can find me merrily sucking down gin and tonics like nobody’s business.  650 more words

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How to Eat Salad Every Day for Lunch and Enjoy It

I used to be one of those obnoxious people who thought salads were gross – pretty much just like eating grass. Then I graduated from college and my metabolism was like, “Smell ya later, sucker,” and I came around to seeing the benefit of eating a mostly-vegetable meal. 487 more words

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Basketball Is Kind Of A Big Deal Here

Hopefully at this point everyone has been beaten over the head with how much of a Big Deal the University of Kentucky/University of Louisville game was. 832 more words


Fake Birthday Party

The best part of all this is that you don’t have to wait until your real birthday to have a forgery-filled birthday party since having the party for a fake birthday is completely within the theme.  590 more words

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Tiny Containers for Tiny Food

When I heard our new theme was containers, I was really excited because that meant one thing: Bento boxes! Bento boxes are still somewhat of a novelty in the United States, but are the standard boxed lunch in Japan. 934 more words

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Anxiety-Free Recipe


1. Go outside in the sunshine.

2. Bring a beer (or beverage of your choice) and a chair.

3. Sit in the chair and drink the beer. 39 more words

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Anxiety and Kids

My first “real” job after graduating from college was as a research assistant in a psychiatry lab that studied childhood mood disorders. Part of my job there was interviewing children aged 3 to 12 years old, several of whom had been diagnosed with one or more mental issues, mostly depression and/or mania. 945 more words