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Are We "Born to Move"?

Check out my latest post about heart-health among the Hazda hunter gatherers of Tanzania!

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Bodily Movement

Eye Injuries in Youth Sports

There is a cause for concern for parents with children playing youth sports. This article, published in the New York Times, is a must-read, courtesy Gretchen Reynolds.

Sports World

"Nature" Walks Change Your Brain?

This summer Gregory Bratiman and colleagues at Stanford published results from a study of brain activity in a urban settings. They compared measurements in two conditions, after a 90 minute walkin in a “natural” setting and a 90 minute walk in an urban setting. 1,083 more words


What is the "Right Dose" of Exercise for a Longer Life?

I recently stumbled across a blog post from April 2015 in which NY Times writer Gretchen Reynolds was discussing the “right dose” of exercise to increase longevity.   1,002 more words


Panic or Exhilaration? Your Choice.

Viparita Dandasana

When I wrote my previous post, I was on a yoga HIGH. So high that I glossed over the moment where I almost had a panic attack. 931 more words