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  Gretel walked to the edge of the course and squinted down range, holding her hand above her knockoff, Ferragamo sunglasses to see past the noonday glare. 1,909 more words

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House of Rats - Part 12

In the center of the city just outside the Metropoliès, there stood a lab with a glass ceiling bathed in darkness. And in the center of that lab sat a pale, shirtless thin man of forty-three years with smoke emanating from his skin. 2,317 more words


HPAN Sponsors Vetting of 20 Local Shelter Animals so They May Take Northbound Freedom Ride

Hansel, Gretel, and Oscar are the first three of 20 animals we are sponsoring prior to their transport to northern rescues. These three were vaccinated, tested, dewormed, chipped, and altered at a low-cost spay/neuter clinic. 39 more words

Helping Paws Animal Network

Gingerbread House

Day twenty one of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write about a fairy tale or myth from the perspective of a character who is of lesser importance. 220 more words


El clásico infantil Hansel y Gretel: Ballet

Hansel y Gretel, el clásico infantil originalmente escrito por los hermanos Grimm , se presenta ahora en el Centro Cultural Helénico para promover el arte del ballet en los pequeños. 164 more words


1/5 Stars: Gretel -Kim Faulks

This book is book “two” in a series titled Submissively Ever After. While it is a part of this world it is a stand alone book and in no way related to any other story except that it’s a ‘retelling of a classic fairy tale story’. 1,143 more words

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