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All Girl Aggression

My inner child just kicked your inner child’s ass.

One day when she’s in the kitchen, Gretel has an idea. She calls the witch and asks, “How do you turn on the oven?” Then she pushes the witch into the oven.

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Day after day passed. Gretel was soon tried out, for the witch made her clean and scrub, and cook huge meals for poor Hansel.

Ladybird tales, Hansel and Gretel

Gretel began to cry, but the wicked witch only laughed at her tears.

Ladybird tales, Hansel and Gretel

Research - Social Services - "Mum locks Kids in Room"

Interactive Media Research Material

I first heard about this story while traveling to Uni listening to BBC Radio 4 and thought it was related to the work we are doing for our Interactive Media module where our story centers on (fictional) failings of the social services departments in the UK. 184 more words

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Ópera para niños

Iniciando el ciclo de primavera de Ópera para Niños los sábados a las 13:00 horas en el Centro Cultural Helénico.  En esta ocasión nos ofrecen dos puestas en escena llenas de música y elementos llenos de vida y color (marionetas, máscaras, vestuarios y luces) para interesar a nuestros hijos: 172 more words