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8.10 - You Cannot Be Sirius

Previously, there was a lot of swimming and snorkelling, and even a(n intentional) drowning death. Max grew up to a very handsome YA, while Crystal and Rose decided 5 children wasn’t enough; Crystal is pregnant again. 1,370 more words


8.09 - Water Everywhere

Previously, the three boys were turned into supernaturals, we celebrated Love Day, and Friedrich aged up to teen.
I apologise for the two-month wait; RL has been super busy lately. 1,009 more words


8.08 - Teenage Prankster

Previously, all the kids made friends, then Max aged up to hawt teen and Friedrich aged up to child. 870 more words



Day 6 (Present time)

“Mrs. can you remember anything at all? Anything that can help us find your children?”

“No,” I cried, sobs racking my body as I fell over. 1,549 more words

8.07 - Winter Friends

Previously, the house was overrun with toddlers, who all-too-quickly aged up to children. Crystal had the fifth (and last?) child of this generation, Friedrich. And Hannah died in a bar on her first non-toddler outing for a long while. 726 more words


8.06 - Age Old

Previously, Raspberry Rose gave birth to triplets, and the house was subsequently overrun with toddlers.

This blog was named Best Sims 3 Challenge in the Boolprop Golden Plumbob awards! 1,104 more words