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grey mornings

Today is one of those mornings in Dublin when the sky just seems to be in a bit of a mood and won’t turn on the sun. 165 more words


An Adventure Day...

Yesterday was a packed day… in the morning the boss was fighting the French for some information with the bank. Once that was sorted, we could finally start our journey 😀 First we went into town to go the post office and the bank. 370 more words

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The Home Round...

Yesterday lunchtime we went on our local round, something again we hadn’t done for a while. There isn’t much to report or capture as you can see on those images. 19 more words

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Sunday Update...

Hi everybody… just a brief update about our weekend. Yesterday I kept very close company to the boss as he wasn’t well at all. He had caught some sort of stomach bug and even he tried and got up in the morning, went for a walk with me – he just wasn’t well. 375 more words

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The trip back from Denmark...

Well first things first, I had a great time on the island once again. Love all that space and the beach of course 😀

We stopped on the dam and the boss took a couple of pics of the clouds that had been moving in since midday. 120 more words

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Finally the rain came...

This morning we did just the local round as it looked like rain again. It rained and got a bit cooler overnight. There was plenty of cloud cover this morning, so most of the pics are capturing the dramatic skies.Just like this one. 91 more words

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