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Lunchtime at the lake...

Of course the bit of snow we had is all gone. On the way back from Bochum we stopped down at the lake and went for a walk. 230 more words

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While we were out...

in the office, it snowed a little. Not too much and it is rather wet snow, nothing you would play in. I so much would like some more snow, however it doesn’t look like my wish is coming true 😀 We are off now – some errands – the usual stuff and hopefully a dry lunchtime round – fingers crossed. 12 more words

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It is "Karneval"...

and it is raining with gale force winds. Some weather to celebrate on the street 😀 I don’t care, getting wet is my middle name as you might know… this morning when we were out, it was raining like mad and I still had a great time. 116 more words

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Hundeskov in Kongsmark - What a title :o)

Today was a calm day and I even went running with the boss, well not all the way. I figured since he was doing laps in front of our house I could just do my thing and then wait until he is finished. 348 more words

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Wildlife Visitors...

Besides having plenty of showers of all sorts…

we had some visitors from the woods. As you can see in the featured image I was paying close attention to what was going on outside 😀 130 more words

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