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Good Evening all...

We have been out for a nice stroll and let me tell you, it was great. I have sneaked away and did my favorite thing… yes you guessed it – a mud bath. 115 more words

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Our day today...

We did a good bit of driving today and as a treat this afternoon we went to the dog park. I love this place by now, chasing the ball and going for a swim. 116 more words

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Saturday Update

So I am catching up – right? Saturday was a half work – half fun day. We went up to the northern lakes as we hadn’t been for a while. 143 more words

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Our trip to Holland

Hi – hope you all have a great day. As I said yesterday we went to Reindersmeer in Holland today. Round lunchtime we picked up our friend Erhard and went on near enough empty roads. 245 more words

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How ya all...

Hope you have had a good start into the week. We went to the Ăśmminger Lake, bit north of the one we usually go to. It was raining so we only went for 1 round and I had enough of it. 300 more words

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Rain and More Rain

The sky here is grey yet again,
As grey as ever it’s been.
The sun is hiding,
Its warmth subsiding.
We’re sick of this rain. Amen. 16 more words


The Weekend - jippie :-)

It is Friday – so what have you got planned ? Anything special ? I have no idea what we will be doing, so I will keep you posted as soon as we have something in the books :-) 157 more words

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