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The woods 

The cars hummed on the nearby road as the tress swayed around the lonely figure. Walking, stumbling, Liam found his footing. Although moist, the ground felt dry under foot. 108 more words


A Saturday

Although this will not strictly be a blog post regarding a Saturday, I am indeed writing this on a Saturday. And with no other thoughts as to a title, this current one will be it. 476 more words


New Week, New Opportunities

I haven’t had a week like the last for a while. Anxiety seemed to have a stronger hold on me. It didn’t affect work, I still went and did the best I could, however it affected me outside of it. 586 more words


Forest drive with Maple

Oil paint on 12 oz cotton canvas, 28 x 22, September 29 2017

Trees Woods Forests

This week

Autumn is here. On the bus, the trees have shred countless leaves as they have littered the paths that blurred by. I enjoy the changing seasons. 273 more words



It’s the 40th post. I guess I should really celebrate when I hit the 50th, but then I’ve never felt conventional, so I’m marking this 40th instead. 197 more words


A Milestone

If I post tomorrow, it will be my 40th post. I doubt any one really counts their blog posts; however, I have been. It’s been a journey of sorts. 345 more words