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'Grey's Anatomy': Ranking all 10 season finales

If you’ve made it from March 27, 2005, to March 27, 2015, you are officially a Grey’s Anatomy “good man in the storm” … because along the way, everyone else got hit by a bus or shot in the face or killed in a plane crash. 1,199 more words

Weird pregnancy dreams begin!

I’ve heard the stories of women having weird dreams during their pregnancy. Let me just say that I’ve had vivid (and sometimes extremely weird!) dreams all my life- all of which I can remember once I wake up (well, let’s just say that I can remember about three dreams every night! 659 more words

Happy Birthday, 'Grey's Anatomy!' Shonda's first show turns 10

Happy 10th anniversary to #GreysAnatomy! Here's our listing for the series premiere (March 27, 2005). @GreysABC pic.twitter.com/yRSn8fQlXq

— TV Guide Magazine (@TVGuideMagazine) March 27, 2015…

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hello world!

Welcome to my blog! Welcome to my happiness!

Here’s a little bit about me: nursing student, wannabe cake decorator, lover of sunsets and pretty clouds, indecisive yet a perfectionist, always looking for happiness and choosing joy, avid grey’s anatomy watcher.

Grey's Anatomy: Season 11 Episode 17

*Contains spoilers*

I didn’t enjoy this episode that much. I think it’s because it was mainly about Meredith and Derek and I’m not a huge fan of them anymore. 199 more words


Emotional Shonda-coaster, Week 18: Love and Marriage

I empathize with Cyrus Beene the way that so many of my friends empathized with Walter White: they’re both men who do terrible things, but they do so out of a twisted devotion to their families, so it’s hard to hate them altogether. 929 more words

I Finally Feel Free

Those who know me know that I can be very passionate about certain tv shows. So much so that over time I develop an intense emotional connection to some of the characters and suddenly find myself in a long term committed relationship that I just can’t seem to break away from, regardless of how bleak things get. 5,619 more words