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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 - Undo

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 opening episode didn’t disappoint. Read on.

Picked right up where we left off last Season – Owen and Amelia’s Wedding. They got hitched, and we meet up with the wedding party. 1,111 more words



“We’re grown-ups. We can’t run. We have to face up the stupid things we do. Supposedly, if you face up to them, something good comes out of it. 125 more words

Its About Feelin'

Greys Anatomy Season 13 Ep 1 TALK! (SPOILERS)

I’m dead inside 😂😓😏😌 Haha … haha .. ha … ha:(

Hello! So about a week ago maybe not as long ago I did a Greys Anatomy Season 13 wishlist and the first episode aired last night so when I got home after school today I obviously watched it first thing. 2,149 more words


A Night with Jason George from Grey's Anatomy

Ten years ago, I was suffering from undiagnosed sleep apnea, and I “slept” about 16 hours a day in my aunt and uncle’s basement in Carnation, Washington–a little town just outside of Seattle. 532 more words

Should Big Bang Have Been Bigger? Did Ghost Rider CGI Sizzle? Did HTGAWM Pull a Felicity? And Many More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Big Bang Theory… 1,042 more words

Grey's Anatomy

Another Season

I can still remember the first time I watched Grey’s Anatomy. That was way back when it was on before Desperate Housewives

There was a couple that we hung out with at the time.   397 more words

Grey's Anatomy Is Back

(Spoilers below…)

The show that never seems to end is back: it’s season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy. Last night was the season premiere so here’s your roundup of what went down. 399 more words