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The latest episode of the Grey’s Anatomy got to me. No there were no tragic deaths or terrible accidents, it was a simple speech of Dr. 494 more words

TGIM: Staring At The End

I’m back from my vacation and all caught up on Grey’s Anatomy. You see, in Staring At The End Dr. Herman is narrating. I get that. 559 more words

Grey's Anatomy

Who Deserves Life More?

They’ve never seen something so horrific in all their years of practicing medicine. One train accident, two people and one pole pierced right through their torsos. 469 more words


TV Soundtrack from 02/22 to 02/28/2015

It’s March already. Can you believe it? I felt like it was Christmas only a couple of weeks ago and now it’s almost Spring. I’m constantly shocked by how fast time passes. 445 more words

Lessons We Learned From Grey's Anatomy

Maybe you are a fan of the popular drama that has captivated millions, maybe you aren’t.  To be honest, I use to love this show, but in my opinion, it’s being stretched out a little too long.   434 more words

On Life And Culture

Grey's Anatomy S11E13 - Staring at the End

Air Date

Aired 26/02/15

Score: 8.5

The wonderful scheme of life.

Shepherd might have an amazing moment in their career. It could bring her into the map and not be Derek’s shadow. 34 more words

Grey's Anatomy

Grey's anatomy/S11xEp13/Staring at the end

Amelia presented weekly lectures, the auditorium grew more crowded as the doctors became fascinated with Amelia’s methodical plan of attack as much as she captivated us viewers with her amazing speeches and her way of describing her plan, with her attitude, her patience, her awesomeness. 349 more words

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