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Arc II Chapter 5: Into Darkness

Greysons of Grimoire continues! Chelsea and Gwen decide to go on their own adventure, exploring the mysterious and vast Library of Solitude…      3,865 more words

HPAN Helps Emergency Rescue Effort with $441

The Rockwood City Animal Shelter director resigned with no notice, leaving the shelter with no operating staff. The city ordered the shelter shut down and all animals euthanized if not out within hours. 108 more words


Arc II Chapter 3: Promise

Greysons of Grimoire turns the spotlight on the twins Shana and Shias. Returning from the Enchanted Dominion, it’s time for them to tell their parents everything that’s happened — and convince them to let them continue their quest, and fulfill Shana’s promise to a little girl…      4,053 more words

Arc II Chapter 2: Sunset

Greysons of Grimoire continues! Caleb and Mister Midnight arrive at Sunset Square, and Midnight urges Caleb not to ask any questions, but simply to observe. As he does, Caleb begins to see far more than just the golden beauty of this unfamiliar city…      2,849 more words

Arc II Chapter 1: Light and Dark

Greysons of Grimoire begins Arc II: Solitude! Delilah and her friends have finally reached the Library of Solitude, but it’s not what any of them expected. 2,662 more words

One Week

You guys I have one more week home then it’s back to work. Up until now I was fine. I actually was a little happy that things might get back to normal because they have felt so off. 222 more words


Chapter 38: Starlight

Delilah, Chelsea, Lorelei, Isabelle, and Gwen continue their journey to find the Library of Solitude. Arriving at the Starlight Spires, the girls traverse a fascinating city, marveling at all the Enchanted Dominion has in store…      3,231 more words