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Greyson Michael

Meet my cousin Jerry’s newest addition to his family, Greyson Michael.

Jerry and I were really close as children. It was very seldom that we were not together so you can imagine I have a very fond affection for his children. 271 more words


American "Grey"

I went out to the barn with Anna yesterday and caught some nice shots of her and her horse, Greyson. He was sporting his America gear and was so happy and content grazing in the field. 107 more words



I got a stark education in something called RSV this week. RSV is short for respiratory syncytial virus and our one-month-old grandson Grey came down with it. 735 more words

Long time no talk

Things are progressing with Greyson very well. He sits behind Ev in English and they talk a lot and she helps him with essays. The other day we were informed that he got in a car crash and his car was totaled. 14 more words



I haven’t seen or heard anything about Greyson lately which is saddening. Fortunately we have to go back to school tomorrow and so I’m sure there will be more information about him soon




The other day I was with Greyson’s sister and we were at his house and when we went upstairs I saw a picture hanging in their loft. 85 more words


39. Shot Through Glass

My grandson, Greyson, was with us on Christmas morning this year. It was great fun to be able to watch him open a few presents. Like a lot of 2 year olds he seemed more interested in normal everyday things than he did in his presents. 57 more words