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Bumi Langit - Make Your Own Heaven

Siang Yu is a friend and fellow farmer at Edible Garden City. She is also an environmentalist and translator. She is currently on a sabbatical in Indonesia.

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Grey Water, a way to improve our consumption style !

What is greywater ?

Greywater is all wastewater generated in households or office buildings from streams without fecal contamination. Considering that French people in their houses consume on average 150 liters of water each day, everyone can understand how important it is to reduce household water consumption… 264 more words

Non Classé

Benefits of Greywater Re-use

Greywater refers to waste water from households that does not contain fecal matter in it. So technically, it is all the waste water from the house watering system, that is the kitchen, shower and other such systems, except the toilet. 383 more words


Constructing wetlands

There are several types of constructed wetlands. The first system is the reedbed or subsurface flow system. This is a system where plants grow in soil or gravel. 394 more words


Waterworld Or Something Like It

Water usage is not just about consuming one resource, it is about using numerous resources before it even gets to your home. Brad Lancaster discusses… 735 more words


How Dirty Girls Get Clean

I have been making my own laundry soap for a while and while it is not completely environmentally friendly, it is moving in the right direction (and good golly it is affordable to make!). 1,484 more words


Water Conservation in Christchurch

This water management system in Christchurch is the ultimate solution for water conservation and self-sufficiency in an urban setting. Kyle and Lauren from Ecobuilt Homes are to be congratulated for making ethical and conscious decisions to be guardians of our precious water resource, while also ensuring their family has a self-sustaining water supply. 77 more words