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The dirty business of greywater

One of simplest answers to reducing water consumption is the use of greywater for landscape irrigation, flushing toilets and other non-potable needs. According to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), over half of our indoor water use can be considered greywater. 777 more words


Recycled Shower Water

  1. Sustainability Problem: Excessive Household Water Use in Water Scarcity Regions
    1. Water used in showers can be up to 17% of household water use.  More water is dispensed by the shower than is needed to get clean and the water is then removed as waste through the sewage system. 
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Greywater recycling system for bathrooms

The Sustainability Problem:

In homes alone, toilets account for about 40% of the water used in the home. No numbers were cited for businesses but we know certain businesses also have a substantial number of toilets such as in hotels and event spaces. 161 more words

Project Books

In order to explain both of my projects, I created project books for each one to display development and important information in an intuitive manor compared to just boards. 28 more words

Product Design

Final Model

Due to the complexity of the system, it would have been extremely difficult to create a prototype which allows water movement, be water-proof so it doesn’t leak but also to be able to be made in uni.   50 more words

Product Design


In order to have images to demonstrate the work I have created for my field project, I have used Keyshot 5 to create realistic renders, as this seems more appropriate to show off the design as it would not be possible to create a 1 to 1 scale model of the design.

Product Design

Is Greywater Management Needed?

Water is the primary need of any living creature on the planet. With the growing population and urbanization, the availability of the consumable water is diminishing. 596 more words

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