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Regaining balance

Ok, so doom and gloom have been my prevalent mood for the past six weeks… Forgive me, I was a tad swamped by the ‘empty-nest’ thing. 631 more words



When I first began researching unconventional home construction concepts well over a year ago, I was primarily interested in ways to get off the grid in a world of peak oil, increasing utility costs, and dependency on “the system” for our most basic needs. 1,512 more words

Of House And Homestead

Progress and Soakwells

So I was bragging about having soakwells delivered to some of my peeps, only to be greeted with a mixture of joy at progress, and confusion about what they were. 848 more words


Serious Water Savings

In a rental, or when you can’t afford to invest in greywater systems and rainwater tanks, there are still many things you can to do save water in your household. 864 more words

Gardening And Food Production

Greywater and Rainwater Harvesting

I love this article on these bits of tech; I couldn’t put it better myself.


I’ve no idea at this stage which I’ll plump for, or indeed whether I’ll have both, but I’ll definitely have at least one!


Klosterenga: Oslo, Norway

Excerpted from a case study written by Sharon Boddy for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Klosterenga, a 35-unit residential apartment building located in Oslo, Norway, shows how well-thought-out building design coupled with a wide range of energy-and water-conserving features can reduce energy and water use.  69 more words

Waste Management