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Six Characters for the Steam Elephant

I’m back from my night in Milan where I gave a short lecture on gaming and writing, and now I’m getting ready for the two-days of gaming and savagery at the Modena Play. 256 more words

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Introducing... Captain Marmaduke J. Thobias-Simms, esq.

In writing my Savage setting, I am doing my best to create a book that will be fun to read, and fun to play.
Also, my ambition is to make everything the reader will find on the page, playable, straight away. 494 more words

GreyWorld Design Musings

Exploring India with Indiana Jones

The Princely States of India.
Fascinating subject.
While a lot of people think of the British Raj as a somewhat monolithic entity, the situation was a little more complicated, and the Raj was the sum of… 646 more words

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Pennies and Dimes

Working on my new novel (wow, does that sound like something a real writer would say or what?) is subtracting a lot of time from my work on the first… 676 more words

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