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Plan 9 (not from outer space)

An interesting paper on the use of the Plan 9 operating system for “Grid Computing” (widely dispersed cluster computing using resources from many places – kind of like a Beowulf over the internet) is linked from this site: 427 more words

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Become an armchair discoverer

Internet has given us a great opportunity to let everyone take part and help out with real scientific research. Here are some projects where you can help: 118 more words


From FNAL: "Mu2e's opportunistic run on the Open Science Grid"

Fermilab is an enduring source of strength for the US contribution to scientific research world wide.

July 15, 2015
Hanah Chang

To conduct full event simulations, Mu2e requires time on more than one computing grid. 690 more words

Basic Research

Grid Computing Technology

Istilah grid computing mengacu kepada sebuah infrastruktur komputasi terdistribusi yang mampu memberikan resource sesuai kebutuhan client. Teknologi grid dapat meningkatkan efisiensi dan produktivitas. Tantangan yang dihadapi dalam pengembangan teknologi ini adalah bagaimana mengoptimalkan proses, sumber daya dan berbagi jaringan. 1,001 more words

Gunadarma University

From isgtw: "Supporting research with grid computing and more"

international science grid this week

April 1, 2015
Andrew Purcell

“In order for researchers to be able to collaborate and share data with one another efficiently, the underlying IT infrastructures need to be in place,” says Gomes. 1,164 more words

Applied Research & Technology

From Being to Becoming: Function, Structure and Fluctuations - Incremental versus Leap-frog Innovation in Datacenters

“We grow in direct proportion to the amount of chaos we can sustain and dissipate” ― Ilya Prigogine, Order out of Chaos: Man’s New Dialogue with Nature… 3,857 more words

Cloud Computing

International Journal of Computer Networking and Communication (IJCNAC)

e-ISSN : 2347-2871 &  p-ISSN : 2347-4149


Submission Deadline : December 10, 2014
Notification Due        : December 30, 2014
Final Version Due      : January 10, 2015… 188 more words

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