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The freedom to do what you want, to make a living as you choose as long as you are not infringing on the rights of others.  816 more words


Grill the Grid Girls: Tony Weighs In

Grid Girls versus Grid Kids

Let me be quite clear here, I think the recent decision by Liberty Media Group and the FIA banning Grid Girls on the F1 grid from 2018 is quite divisive and wrong. 459 more words


Grid Girls: What's a guy to think?

Like many a red-blooded male, I’m facing conflicting thoughts about F1’s decision to remove Grid Girls. 1,027 more words


Grill the Grid Girls: Sergio's Column

Disclaimer: no grid girls were harmed in the making of this story!

What is an ideology? There is some consensus among social scientists to regard ideology as any system of ideas whose utility is to provide a global explanation to the reality around us. 794 more words


Το κίνημα #MeToo, «εξαφανίζει» τα καλλίγραμμα κορίτσια από τους αγώνες!

Είναι γνωστά ως “τα κορίτσια”, ή “κορίτσια με μακριά πόδια”  ή απλώς, με την αγγλική τους ονομασία: “grid girls”. Ελκυστικές, συνήθως όχι και… πολύ βαριά ντυμένες, νεαρές γυναίκες που προσλαμβάνονται για να εργασθούν στη «βιτρίνα» και τις απονομές μεταλλίων σε αθλητικές εκδηλώσεις, που συνήθως κυριαρχούνται από άνδρες. 24 more words


Grid girls, grid kids, what’s the issue here?

Why is everyone up in arms?

Formula 1 (F1), or indeed any other motorsport, will still, or should be about the cars, drivers and races, with or without the presence of grid girls, mascots or flag bearers, call them what you will. 844 more words


CEO F1 Pastikan Stock Wanita Cantik Tak Akan Habis

Formula 1 baru saja memberikan pandangan baru kepada para penggemarnya, dimana mereka membuat sebuah keputusan dengan menghilangkan grid girls mulai musim 2018. Akan tetapi, mereka tetap memberikan kepastian bahwa terus ada gadis-gadis manis disetiap balapang berlangsung. 273 more words