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How to show Header and Footer when GridView is empty in Asp.Net

In this article we are discussing the steps to show the Gridview’s Header and Footer if the datasource attached with Gridview is empty.

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Using "Select" Button in Gridview

This tutorial explains how to select a row in GridView and retrieve the Id of the selected row.

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How to Bind Data to GridView with Entity Framework Code First

This tutorial illustrate binding data to a GridView when AutoGenerateColumns property is set as false. By default, GridView displays all the properties of the entity when a set of entity is bound. 315 more words

Entity Framework

ASP.NET - Sequence Number In GridView

Put this code inside Column tag in GridView

        <%# Container.DataItemIndex + 1 %>


It works with GridView pagination


Claims solution chapter 3 and 4. Client for Solution

Configuring the Claims Service

In order to work with Services we need the ABC of the Services.

  • A is Address (where is the service)
  • B is Binding (channel to expose the service)
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Paging in ASP.net GridView

Here an example is given for the paging in gridview control of asp.net.

Suppose we have a list of employee. We want to show employee list. 321 more words


Retrieve And Display SharePoint List In GridView

I have developed a custom web part which reads data from SharePoint List and display in a GridView control by using Visual Studio 2012. In this Scenario, I have a list name “Training List” with five columns named “Training Name”, “Category”, “Location”, “EventDate” and “EndDate”. 305 more words

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