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Pagination in Oracle 11g

Assalamualikum wr br.

Today we discuss about one requirement where data needs to be displayed in GridView from table abc which has more than 2,66,000  records… 211 more words


GridView in Android Studio

Step 1: Create a new Android project in Android Studio and fill all the required details. In our case we have named GridViewExample and package com.example.gourav.GridViewExample… 427 more words


Android Cool GridView

Untuk menampilkan sebuah menu ada beberapa pilihan, ada yang menggunakan GridView  atau juga ada yang menggunakan ListView.

Sekarang saya akan membuat GridView yang keren atau boleh juga disebut… 116 more words


GridView export to XLSX

This code resides in a buttonClick event. It could easily be a function with a GridView as a parameter.

It loops through the GridView to convert it to a data table, then sends the data table to a function ExportToExcel.CreateExcelFile.CreateExcelDocument found… 2,090 more words


ASP.Net SQL Server Express Connection

  1. In Web.Config or App.Config include a connection string:

    <add name="NAMEFORCONNECTION" connectionString="Data Source=SERVER\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=DATABASENAME;Integrated Security=True" providerName="System.Data.SQLClient"/>
  2. On your Page.aspx, you can refer to the Connection string and include your SQL statement:
  3. 53 more words
SQL Server

Gridview Add update delete

*******ASPX page Coding*********

<asp:GridView ID=”grdInspectionMap” runat=”server” BorderWidth=”1px” AutoGenerateColumns=”false”
AllowSorting=”true” BackColor=”White” CssClass=”summary” BorderStyle=”Solid”
BorderColor=”#009955″ CellPadding=”2″ CellSpacing=”2″ DataKeyNames=”DivisionId”
AllowPaging=”True” PageSize=”20″ OnPageIndexChanging=”grdInspectionMap_PageIndexChanging”
OnRowCreated=”grdInspectionMap_RowCreated” OnRowCancelingEdit=”grdInspectionMap_RowCancelingEdit”
OnRowDeleting=”grdInspectionMap_RowDeleting” OnRowEditing=”grdInspectionMap_RowEditing”
<PagerTemplate> 1,036 more words


How to hide columns based on values selected in checkbox


How to hide columns based on values selected in checkbox


In this article I am going to explain how to hide columns in grid view based on user selection in checkbox. 691 more words