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Answers please?

For all of you out there that share the abdominal hysterectomy experience with me, I have some questions for you!

Today is officially 12 weeks since my surgery. 514 more words


The Thanksgiving Ride Home

On this day fifteen years ago, I was waiting for my father to pick me up and take me home for Thanksgiving break.

I was halfway through my first semester at college. 1,021 more words


The Christmas work-up

The last couple of weeks I have been feeling a little delicate. It always happens this time of year and it kind of makes me want to call up my beautiful, dearest, wise and perceptive mum for a good, heart to heart chat. 573 more words


Happy Birthday Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Daddy, I missed you as I watched you get up early after not sleeping very well this morning. I saw you opening my curtains, I was right there with you as I always do, resting on your shoulder, hoping that I won’t just be part of your imagination but be right there, be very real. 719 more words


Penned Musing: Open Window

Open the window.

He said referring to how stuffy the room had gotten during their difficult discussion.

They both needed to open the window; their window into themselves, for each other and to the world.

130 more words


This post is totally outside any chronological structure I should be imposing on the tale of my Annapurna adventure, but the reason for that will be clear as you read down. 705 more words