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Remembering God's Grace

Fall had always been my favorite season.  The beauty of the changing leaves and the flight of the starlings amazed me.  Since losing my son however, the arrival of Fall has brought with it a sense of dread.   425 more words

Dear Mum, It's Been A Year Since You Died.

Dear Mum,

It’s been a year since you died. 525600 minutes if ‘Rent’ is to be believed. ‘525000 moments so dear’ (quite what happened to the other 600 moments is anyone’s guess). 1,457 more words





Time Does Not Equal Distance

We used to measure it in minutes and then hours.

We counted the days, the weeks and then the months since you’ve been gone.

Now we count the years. 154 more words


Pity, Grief, Growth, Right Where I Should Be?

I shrink away.

I shrink away from my life, the world, the people in the world, my responsibilities………..

3 years, 24 days, 5 hours. Since my wife died in a horrible accident. 1,423 more words


A little possessive

I learned something about myself yesterday: I’m a little possessive of my Theo Bear.

I sleep with Theo Bear almost every night. Occasionally I try to be nice to Kenny and let him sleep with the bear. 161 more words

Infant Loss

When Your Friend Miscarries...

If you have read my past several posts on miscarriage (here and here), but haven’t experienced a miscarriage yourself, you may wonder, “How can I help someone who is going through a miscarriage?” Since 1 in 4 women will experience a miscarriage, chances are very high that you know someone (or will eventually know someone) who will go through a miscarriage. 1,028 more words