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When my kids were little I used to tell them life isn’t fair, but we try to be. Life isn’t fair or unfair – it just is. 1,078 more words


Mother's Day Fundraising

Mother’s Day is next Sunday – last year we did some fundraising for Yorkshire Cancer research. This year we are continuing our fundraising for Martin House Children’s Hospice… 104 more words


Let us pray for wisdom

March 17, 2017
It’s not possible to remember everything. With time memories slip away. Fragments remain. And the love remains. At least, that’s what should remain. 736 more words


Be Leaving a Legacy 

Words often can’t do moments justice, except maybe if you are an Inuit person who has fifty words to describe snow.

Today, I had an incredible moment where my mom showed her heart and the legacy that she has left myself, my boys, her family and her friends. 447 more words


POETRY: I Have Stood At The Center Of The World, by Catherine McNiel

I have stood at the center of the world
The primordial Tree, the innocent Beginning
I have been rejected there, exiled
So I wander
Homeless, yet seeking Home… 112 more words


Horizon by Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

From the edges Rajesh watches on helplessly as the turbulent sea births wave upon monstrous wave of high frothy waters which then angrily swim towards the rocky weed filled edges only to crash and die untimely deaths. 84 more words

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Horizon by Ritu #writephoto

Dear You,

Sitting here, watching the sun slowly set, I feel a sense of peace finally come over me.

It’s been tough these last few weeks. 135 more words

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