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4 days ago, it was the 19th anniversary of Mark telling me he loved me.

4 days ago, it was Valentines day.

I’m not big on the “hallmark” holiday that is Valentines Day. 226 more words


10 Secrets To Survival After The Death Of A Child

Just passing along a post I wrote over on The Grief Toolbox the other day. Some of you may have read it there already, but wanted to share with you here as well. 133 more words


The Most Powerful Words

What if I asked you what you consider to be the most powerful words in this life? Would it be, “I love you”? Would it be, “please”? 593 more words


Some Days I Want To Die

Because somedays I don’t see the point of being here, anymore, and my brain lies to me and tells me that- I’m really not making a difference in any way, and that, while my family (chosen family included) would miss me, sure, they’d learn to live with it, & it’s not like I really make a difference there, either. 596 more words


A Decision Made

This saying really touched me, although I don’t think it’s really about winning. Family is such a precarious thing. What’s the saying – family is family?   467 more words


Remembering Rudy

Yesterday afternoon, I was chatting with a colleague about her high-maintenance pomeranian. (Who knew dogs could have Xanax prescriptions?)

As I was laughing about her stories—hand-feeding the pup one kibble at a time or watching the highly anxious small ball of fur suddenly binge eat when unexpected visitors were arriving—I had a sudden revelation. 877 more words


#ArtInstallation No. 22 - @michaelkiwanuka - Love and Hate

Sometimes a record, a song, a voice,  just creep into your soul. Michael Kiwanuka’s album and single both entitled Love and Hate are filled with enough sorrow to reach me there. 468 more words

Art Installation