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The Many Paths of Grief with Karen Wyatt MD


In this podcast I will discuss eight tips for coping with grief I have learned through the many interviews I’ve conducted in the past for End-of-Life University. 92 more words


Two Years

Today marks two years since I heard about Mum’s diagnosis.

I don’t really know what to say. There isn’t really anything to say, I guess. It was the start of the longest, weirdest, 20 months of my life. 113 more words


My Soul is Crying

I have been going through some severe anxiety lately.

I could come forth with a number of different reasons and excuses as to why it is happening, but what I think it comes down to is… 316 more words


Star-crossed Love

I had to stop at a store yesterday to return something, a task I detest, but which you might think was among my very favorite activities, given how often I find myself doing it. 382 more words

North Of The Tension Line

Two Years

I left the hospice hours before the end, but we knew it was coming. I held her cold hands and whispered my goodbyes. I told her about Elliott, something I had not been able to share with her when I knew she could hear the words. 571 more words


Capture Your Grief, Day 18 - Seasons + Symbols

Little Moon

Once, I held the moon inside me
In my womb, it grew
Not twinkling stars, nor blazing sun
It was the moon, I knew… 100 more words


I have three. 

“I have two.”

The words come out of my mouth to even my own surprise and I instantly feel my heart crack and scream. Two? Never. 830 more words