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My marriage is essentially over and I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t want to lose this amazing man. I love M so much and never imagined a future without him. 245 more words


Four Years and Eleven Months of Grief

Today marks four years and eleven months since my life mate/soul mate died. Next month it will be five years. I haven’t been actively mourning the entire time he’s been gone so the title is misleading on that account, but the world changed forever when he left, catapulting me into a world of grief that will always be a part of me. 268 more words


The Eye of the Human Storm - Repost

As you know, Superman passed away Sunday, February 15.  I am re-posting what I wrote for him back in July because, though I thought I understood the emotions of what was looming…I couldn’t have known how I’d feel at this moment. 444 more words


Back to the Grind

Classes resumed today and I am thankful for the distraction. I have missed my nursing family. If I weren’t in class today, I would have been moping alone at home with my cats and wallowing in my own despair. 329 more words


The Downward Spiral

Tonight I spoke to my mother about my father. With graduation coming up and prospects of children on the horizon, I have been dreading the thought of invites. 331 more words


His Protector

Like most siblings, my little brother and I didn’t always get along. However, I loved him fiercely. When I was only about 4 years old or so, my dad made me promise to always take care of my brother. 1,235 more words


Part of the Story

The other night I recounted all the details of the day my mom died. Five years into our marriage, and my husband had never really heard the whole story. 1,502 more words