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What Not To Say--Take 573

Dear Friends and Family of W’s:

Recently someone said something to me that was so insensitive and thoughtless it caught me off guard. Although maybe that’s because I’ve lowered my guard in recent months. 558 more words


Bro Tips

I love my guy friends. Like bulls in a china shop they tread on delicate topics my lady friends won’t even acknowledge exist. Lately, they’ve been entertaining me with their dating advice, especially since it’s all over the board. 120 more words


Table For One-The Euro Edition

In my earlier Table For One post, I discussed not waiting around for someone to invite us out. Widowhood doesn’t mean having to hide out until you have someone to go out with. 401 more words


What's The Deal With Those Ginormous Funeral Photos?

Seriously. What’s up with the ginormous photos that appear for the funeral? They are HUGE! And no one else wants them (because they are freaking HUGE) and yet it feels wrong to throw them away. 389 more words


What does a Successful Life Look Like to You? Do You Even See Your Family As Part of It?

Over the past few days when things have been tough for me, I have found that again, Melanie and her blog have shown me things.  850 more words

Grief Journey

Matthew 5:4 Blessed are those who morn, for they will be comforted - What does that really mean to you?

I was reading another blogger’s blog today that he wrote about a specific verse in the bible. He gave me a whole new meaning to the verse he stated in his post. 31 more words

Grief Journey

Anxiety Advenutes: Tax Edition. 

They say every person in your life is sent to you for a purpose. Since Jensen has been born, I’ve met all kinds of beautiful souls that I would never have known if he had lived. 961 more words