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What do you see in the night sky?

I teach an evening class. By the time the class is over, it is near the end of a very long day. As I walked to my car last week, I was mesmerized by the night sky. 40 more words


The Truth About Lularoe

When I lost my sister, one of her friends hosted a lularoe fundraiser for her family. I had never tried lularoe before and honestly never intended to try it because I thought the prices were just crazy. 877 more words

And then when you fall again. . .

Falling is scary. It’s a loss of equilibrium and a total loss of control. It’s unbalancing, physically and emotionally. It’s embarrassing. It always seems to happen when other people are watching, which makes me feel like I can’t sit there for a minute and think about what just happened. 968 more words

I listened, Tonka relaxed

Look at those nice, relaxed ears. I can hear the Great Spirit in the trees.



As I blogged in the past, there are many casualties of grief. Horseback riding was one – for me. In the last months, I have tried to get my saddle time. 418 more words


Sleep runs from me

My brain just won’t shut off – the thoughts, memories chase the sleep away. I miss my son. It hurts – time will not heal that. 25 more words


Naomi and Ruth

I have always loved the Book of Ruth – beginning way back in my childhood (about a million years ago).  It was like a fairy tale to me.  200 more words