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For this child, I have prayed

When I lost Maggie, there was a while there when I didn’t read my Bible. I just couldn’t open it. I listened to praise music a lot. 1,319 more words


I was going to write about the shooting in Florida and how much it disgusts me to see this happen again. Then I heard that North Texas found out about three separate shooters planning school attacks. 853 more words

Grief Journey

Pieces Of Her

This past Monday, I drove over the spot where my daughter was killed. My friend, Stacey, knows I try to avoid the north part of the city at any cost, especially that section of highway. 810 more words

Please Don't Encourage Me With False Hope

“Then a friend scolded and told her “Keep a stiff upper lip. Dinnae cry, be a brave heart, chin up now, pip pip.”

Dear Friend,

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Day 3: It's Complicated

It was a pretty normal day, but I guess every day is normal until it isn’t. I had a routine doctor’s appointment and I invited my mom and my sister to go with me. 1,242 more words

What the heck is a missed miscarriage anyways?

It’s funny how life works. When you’re scared something will happen, it doesn’t usually work out well. Either you somehow make what you fear more likely to happen in your fear that it will or something else hits you out of left field while you’re watching out for the thing you fear. 867 more words

Not the announcement I wanted to make

This was not the way today was supposed to be. But yesterday started it.

Today was going to be a good day. It was going to be “the” day. 787 more words