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Missing Thanksgivings Past 

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving. For me, it’s always been a more relaxed, more honest holiday. Things always went wrong in the execution of the day, but it was ok because the whole point of the day was to enjoy time with my family and eat good food and nothing ever happened bad enough to prevent us from enjoying all the time or all the food. 1,276 more words

Kindness has power

My mind is rambling today – I just miss my son so much – it is hard to rein in the thoughts. So I am just going to let them run. 369 more words


How to handle unexpected funeral expences for children 

No one ever expects a child to die. Some people plan and purchase life insurance “just in case”, but many don’t because frankly a child dying is not supposed to happen. 619 more words

Just BE

This question is so natural this time of year – a simple question really.  “What are you planning for the holidays?”   In my head, I answer: Isolation. 294 more words


Decisions, decisions when a child dies 

Let’s talk for a minute about what you do when you lose a child. Not what you feel, there are plenty of posts already up about that. 1,700 more words

Where I am

For over 10 years now, I’ve lived with the firm belief that the things that have happened to me in my life were all valuable, necessary to make me into the person I am today and to bring me to the place I am now. 1,027 more words

A couple great grief reads

When I was a child and young adult (before kids), I loved to read. Since I started having kids almost 14 years ago, I haven’t done as much reading as I wanted. 1,024 more words