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Life Changes, Carrying On, Making New Memories....

I haven’t really posted consistently in the last several weeks. We have had a multitude of things going on around us. Since we live in New Orleans and Million Dollar Brother and Baby Sis live in Lubbock, we travel a lot to see them on the field at the football games. 681 more words

Grief Journey

Ms. Janelle's Baby in Heaven

A couple weeks after I got out of the hospital, I started hearing this question a lot, “Is it going to be hard to go back to work with all those kids?” … 650 more words

Life After Loss

Grief and the Grieving.....

No one ever gets up one morning as says “Today, I want to stay in my grief and not ever find a way out”, well some might, but that’s not me. 567 more words

Grief Journey

Nine Months - Come and Gone

Big Bubby has been gone nine months now. The 10th came and went with little pomp en circumstance. I am not sure how I feel about that. 552 more words

Grief Journey

When your faith doesn't save...

For a few weeks after we lost Oliver, I had a hard time praying. All of my words sounded hollow and fake because my heart was completely broken and, quite frankly, I was furious with God. 1,039 more words

It Is Well With My Soul


What do we do when our life falls apart and we can’t put it back together the way it was? It’s as if we worked all weekend putting together a puzzle with 1000 pieces. 585 more words


It is ok to not be ok

(14Jan2015) I’m trying to be ok and some days feel better than others…  As life goes in the normal every day I will be watching a movie, hear a song or doing something ordinary like eating and you will come into my mind. 816 more words