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What do we do when our life falls apart and we can’t put it back together the way it was? It’s as if we worked all weekend putting together a puzzle with 1000 pieces. 585 more words


It is ok to not be ok

(14Jan2015) I’m trying to be ok and some days feel better than others…  As life goes in the normal every day I will be watching a movie, hear a song or doing something ordinary like eating and you will come into my mind. 816 more words

Eight Months and Counting....

So this past Sunday marked eight months that Big Bubby has been gone from this earth. It seems like yesterday we received the call that he was gone. 575 more words

Grief Journey

Ripping the Band-Aids

Grieving is full of hard decisions that you never want to make. I liken these hard decisions to band-aids. As we all know, band-aids are used to protect our wounds immediately after injury. 534 more words

Grief Journey

People Grieve Over 40 Different Losses

I used to think people only grieved when a love one died. After my first husband died, I  learned more about grief. I realized people go through grief over many reasons.  48 more words


Childlike Faith

When I think of children and the way they live life, I smile. Children are carefree, entering each day as an adventure of its own. They don’t remember the hurts of yesterday and they don’t stress over the “what ifs” of tomorrow. 613 more words

Grief Journey

Regret: "If Only" "What If"

When a loved one dies it is not unusual for some regret and guilt to walk with you in your  grief journey. As a survivor you may tend to blame yourself for something you think you did or did not do that may have caused the death. 556 more words