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Sometimes the sun isn't enough..

Grief is such a multi-dimensional beast. Just when you think you’ve made progress in the healing it creeps up on you like a sword out of the dark, cutting you off at the knees and leaving you gasping for breath. 614 more words

The STI guy

A number of titles would have been suitable for this blog:

Online dating – approach with caution!

He has psychosis

Woman! Where art thou worth? 1,195 more words

Self Care

I feel a little like Self Care is the ‘it’ word these days. Along with ‘balance’. Any mom blog or website you read will reiterate over and over again the importance of taking time for you, reminding you that you can’t pour from an empty cup. 730 more words


Grief in a nutshell

I couldn’t say this any better. This author really nailed it. (I found this on Pinterest so I am not sure who wrote it.)

Some things cannot be fixed. 31 more words


Marked by Miscarriage.

I am Marked by miscarriage. Sadly, I am not alone with this mark. So many women and families share this mark. This mark causes grief… 868 more words


Letter #1 Beyond the grave

3rd March 2019 (on board flight to St Lucia)

Dearest Di,

You’ve been dead about six weeks now and I figured it was time I put pen to paper. 1,224 more words

Grief Journal: Inside the Box

Someone sent me a description of grief that’s making the rounds. Maybe you’ve seen it.  It describes grief as a ball in a box with a button that triggers pain. 430 more words