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Multiplication by Subtraction

No one in our family is a math whiz – we’re all literature folk with one black-sheep biologist mixed in. Quite frankly, I think the average student is taught way too much mathematics in school. 837 more words


Two Years

In high school and college, I spent hours honing my ability to craft good introductions for my papers. I love finding the perfect first line for anything — essay, article, short story, blog post. 629 more words


Withstand the Storms

“He radically set me free from depression, cutting, and suicidal thoughts. I never picked up another razor blade again and was filled with this new sense of freedom and joy I’d never known before.“ – 

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Find Hope

Reading "Chapter One: Which Occurs in the Wake of What Has Gone Before"

The final arc of The Sandman is an emotionally difficult one to read.  I find myself getting weepy pretty much every time I read it.  The important thing to understand is that this story is a funeral in three parts, plus an epilogue.  1,162 more words


He Prefers Her Earthly

This after-sunset is a sight for seeing,
Cliff-heads of craggy cloud surrounding it.
—And dwell you in that glory-show?
You may; for there are strange strange things in being, 85 more words


A Dagger from Dearest Mum

How do I describe the pain you’ve put me through?

I can’t, because there’s honestly no way to put what you did throughout the years, 121 more words


Today I Miss You

I dont know whats happened. Today I feel so sad. What was excitement now opens up as a great chasm of nothingness before me. I miss you so terribly today. 22 more words