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The Darkness of Suffering

I spent four years as a hospital chaplain, nine years as a pastor, and eleven years as a trauma counselor working with victims of violence. During those years, I learned a great deal about suffering. 367 more words


Dean Friedman, Domino's, and Death.

People say “I just CAN’T imagine.” A lot. They say it a lot. I think I’m quite good at hiding what I’m thinking (which is WELL FUCKING TRY) with a shrug and a smile, and a “that’s OK. 2,150 more words


Send Down the Rope

I don’t even know where to begin to write this difficult post. I hope you’ll follow along anyway, because this is important … to me. 694 more words


The Storm

Violet is our rainbow baby, our love for her runs incredibly deep and we are grateful beyond measure that she is here.  What is a “rainbow baby” though?   2,100 more words

Grief isn't rational apparently.

I have had many blogs going round in my head over the last few months, i’ve not managed to put fingers to keyboards as yet (I would be better off with dictation software, I have voice memos of my thoughts just not been able to type them up, if you are intereted, at some point remind me to tell you about the ‘rainbows have a reason’ one, the ‘bitter isn’t always better’ one and the ‘ah so thats why I didn’t like Coldplay’ one. 434 more words


The Heart Wrenching Disbelief - Review on The Bastard of Istanbul

There are some stories that linger on with you despite of your efforts to forget them, not because they are not good rather they are too good and carry a sorrow that you want to forget but you can’t. 242 more words

The Happenings.