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Judge, Jury and Joy

I’ve got a judgement revolution going on. Inside.

Friends. Family. Self.

There was a time when I stepped into my own head.  It had to be done. 270 more words


A Portrait of Grief

She stands in the huge living room, warmed by the slanting light of a winter morning sun. She looks like a shadow, as she moves across the room, and not only because of the black shawl that she has wrapped around her shoulders. 1,065 more words


I simply miss you

Tonight is one of those nights when the waves roll in. Going about my business of just cleaning up the living room. I lay down on the floor for just a second to stretch and it hits me. 130 more words


It is passed my bedtime, yet I am sitting here with tears running down my face. I am thinking about you. You have forever been in my heart and forever will be. 1,268 more words


The year is 1994 and I am a mere six years old. Riding in the back seat of Mom’s van with the sliding door, a song comes on the radio. 734 more words


Gone are the days
When each morning
I was your waking thought

Yet you’re still mine