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Swimming week 2013

Another situation: Stephen was at the pool as a part of school swimming week. He wanted me to be there, he fell over and stubbed his toe. 171 more words

365 Days of Us: Day 51

Thursday. 12th May 2016.

I didn’t take a picture today, but I did comment on two pictures on FB.

Two, dear friends of mine sadly said goodbye to their fur babies. 62 more words

365 Days Of Us

Baby fat, over indulging, and a Series of Unfortunate Events

Reflecting back to a time when i was overeating, i am thankful now that those days are long behind me.  Now in front of a desk sits a woman who is slightly more proud of her appearance than a year ago… I changed my attitude and i changed my approach to food and it has helped take away the rolls of fat…. 1,571 more words



Theres a legend in NZ about fantails (birds) bringing mesages of death of a loved one, if they come into your home (or similar)

A few weeks ago I had one follow me down my path at home and then fly down around me fluttering by my belly and then it flew off. 231 more words


Looking Back: Surviving Loss

Originally written September 2011 ; Reflection on surviving the first two years of loss. .

It has been a long two years. Some happy moments, some hard moments.

586 more words

Finding God amidst the Migraine

The pain, the knife cutting at my scull with a pull and a thug,
Not letting up, the great grey mass jumping around in the scull,
1,535 more words



Originally Written November 2009

When dealing with grief, we are often told that tears are healing and that “it’s okay to cry”. So why is it when someone begins to weep that we quickly try and comfort them by saying “It’s okay, calm down, and don’t cry”? 734 more words