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The bullets at the end of this post may seem conceited and arrogant. Well, if you know me and you think that I am conceited and arrogant, then you just don’t really know me and I have the benefit of not caring what you think. 1,375 more words


Who am I now?

Who was I before? Have I ever known the person that I really am? Or has the person I thought I was always been hiding behind a multitude of masks? 659 more words

Going Full Circle

Tomorrow starts the beginning of going full circle. It will be one year since we first heard the words “cystic hygroma” at our first ultrasound. Emmett had developed a large, fluid-filled cyst on the back of his neck, what doctors told us is usually caused by chromosome issues such as Down’s Syndrome, Turner’s Syndrome, etc. 418 more words


Lake Delusion

100 Word Wednesday: Week 11

Image Credit: Matias Larhag


It was where we fell in love—I did, anyway; lovely Shangri-la, waters which reflected our private world, mirroring happiness and thoughts of forever. 112 more words


one year

Dear Auntie Bea,

A year is a long time and yet, it hasn’t felt like any time has passed at all. I miss you. It’s that simple. 383 more words

Surviving Mother's Day . . . . (one rollercoaster at a time)!

There is no one ‘type’ of mother. There are the mother’s who get to experience the joy of watching their children grow up. There are the mother’s who must continue in this world with nothing but a memory and a broken heart. 836 more words