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Lost in My Perfect Life

I am really writing this blog for myself, but feel if I can help one person along the way, I may as well share it. This blog will be far from perfect – perfect words, perfect grammar, clever expressions and witty sayings…this blog is about life. 191 more words

My Father's Day Prayer for Our Son, While His Dad is in Heaven

The amount of anger and bitterness I had to fight through after losing my husband is quite embarrassing, really. No matter what anyone attempted to say or offer in their condolences or half-attempt to rationalize why my wonderful husband passed when our son was only fourteen months old, ignited my anger even more. 1,004 more words



So it’s been a while. I don’t even know why I’m bothering right now. I mean, I guess I do know why.

I can’t even control myself. 234 more words


Joy & sadness

Today was one of those days when joy and sadness crash into each other, and create a place of softening and empathy and connection.

A family friend’s Celebration of Life(funeral) was this morning & will be one remembered for a long time; a friend lost her father after an eight month battle with cancer; one of my best friends & her family said goodbye to move 7 hours away; and the memories of Mom and childhood continue to bubble up through tears and laughter. 23 more words

Spiritual Life

And today I cried it out.

This week has been a rough one for me full of ups and downs, more downs.

Some weeks are that way I suppose.  Grief has it’s way of grabbing hold tighter on some days than others.  1,011 more words

The Grief of a Miscarriage

It was Monday, January 14th.

A day that I never once even considered the vs. in Jeremiah (1:5). Nor have I ever considered Psalm 139:13. However, after feeling a little strange while doing group at work only to find myself bleeding at 5 weeks 4 days pregnant, the verses became a strange reality. 1,450 more words

Mental Health

Opening My Eyes

Today, I was thinking  about a beautiful spring day 13 years ago when I was driving my mother home from an appointment with her oncologist.  At the time, she was battling three different types of cancer and she was at the end of her journey.    734 more words