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a scaring

the fall lay empty you
and i were sitting in

but you were gone
you’d long been gone
i turned to look and you were gone… 82 more words

Original Poems

To have and to not hold!

Julie; Where were you. I’ve been calling all day!

Matt; It was Ralph’s birthday. I did tell you I was out on a birthday party. 2,131 more words


Don’t Mistake

Don’t mistake my dry eyes and smile for being okay. I will never be alright again. I will wear my grief everywhere for the rest of my life, it’s part of me now. 85 more words



I know it is true
that you are gone free, unburdened
by your mind clouding over your spirit, succumbed
to sitting and looking out the window at a view you don’t recognize… 206 more words


Do Not Pass Go

Fifty-two weeks ago, on a Friday night after a full day of work, I was  laying down with my 3 year old daughter. I turned to my husband and said “I don’t think the baby has been moving much today.” It was my 37th birthday and I was 37 weeks pregnant. 470 more words



Sure, we say nice things about people when they die. It’s expected, right?

Well, in Judy’s case anything nice you say about her is true and more. 619 more words


Digging deep for wells of courage, I come up with rocks and bits of clay. No glowing gems, or joyful memories. Nothing to nourish and restore me. 83 more words

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