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this star won't go out

MANAR HASEEB: When loved ones die, people always say ‘Don’t be sad, I’m sure they would’ve wanted you to be happy’.

I’m sure that’s true. But let’s be realistic here, people also want to be missed. 21 more words


Every day I water
this forsaken seed
screaming beneath the asphalt.
Quiet now,
your grave is here.


Capture Your Grief: Day 7 - Memory

Capture Your Grief Project

Although Isobel’s life was tragically short, we had many special experiences and made amazing memories in her 39 weeks with us. Simon and I got married, spent a blissful month in Thailand, went to see Arsenal win over Everton, I presented at a conference in Belgium, we went to fancy dress parties, I ran a 10k race and lots more. 202 more words


The river

If getting better means I am no longer so anxious I grind my teeth at night, then I am getting better. If getting better means that I no longer feel compelled to write about my unhappiness all the time, then I am getting better. 614 more words

Pet bereavement - it's important to grieve

I’ve written before about my own experiences with losing a beloved pet – there was my beautiful dog Shandy who passed in January this year, then my elderly cat… 734 more words

Mental Health

18 - Little miracles.


Dear Dalton,

We drove out to Lake Weir to hopefully see the sunrise this morning. It’s been raining since Sunday so we were doubtful we’d see anything. 314 more words


Hi I'm Mary and I'm a Halloween Pessimist

I decided a few days ago that I very much dislike Halloween now… it makes me uncomfortable aaaannnnddd yeah, I just don’t like it any more, at least not at the moment. 910 more words

Trisomy 18