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Fears and Anxiety from the Past 

I have been experiencing something that seems to be common among grieving people: fears and anxiety that had bothered me long ago, but which I had conquered, have come back to haunt me. 2,162 more words


our Other children

While I am sure this will create some negative backlashing I am going out on my line here to compare our furry children to human children. 452 more words


Feb 5, 2015

How do you bear a weight of the soul; a burden not your own but one which becomes yours? How do you carry on when presented witha situation which if the right hand is chosen will lead to restoration, but have the knowledge the left shall be taken; a path which shall cause greater pain and sorrow? 301 more words

Day 15 ~ Olaf!

Today, when I got home from work, the first thing I did was…..build a snowman!  Well, not a man made of actual snow….it was a balmy 73 degrees today….but I built my very own snowman despite the weather.   871 more words

The tears you left behind...

It hangs in my closet, your lavender coat, ready to protect you from both mist and wind. Ready for your experienced touch on the fragile zipper should you decide to return. 212 more words


Odd Animal Relationships

I found this to be a very interesting documentary on cross breed relationships. It shows how an animal can have a distinct nature to have empathy for another animal outside its species when separated from it’s own group or species and they do go through a morning period.   310 more words