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Because of Love, Because of Loss

I don’t offer up gratitude to cover up, to hide, or to avoid the reality of grief. Gratitude is not a bandaid covering my wound or a safety pin holding my torn garments together. 532 more words


Love & Life 

Love. I don’t know anything more important than love. It binds together. Heals wounds. Bears burdens. Opens pathways. These are fruit of the Spirit. By them you will know the children of righteousness, the ancestors of Abraham, as it were. 169 more words

Depression will probably be the death of me

I have suffered depression for about a year and a half now. It was manageable in the first six months, but then it started getting worse. 629 more words


Grief takes time... Bite me!!!

Everyone says grief is normal, but unless those people telling you it’s normal have been through grief, they don’t know how not normal it feels! Grief is not something you can put a time limit on.

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What I'll Tell Her When SheWakes

It started with you and I hurrying to catch a just-awaiting old bus. We’re loaded with bags & bundles. The archaic bus starts to move away then stops for us. 397 more words


no wonder

Given enough time, letting go of her would get easier, eventually. No matter how loving that she was or precious that she was to me, still is to me, I know deep down that life will move on, is moving on. 89 more words


My would has been turned upside down in such a short space of time. Just over 2 weeks after my last post mum died so suddenly at home and alone. 296 more words