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Kids at Funerals

The loss of a loved one can be a traumatic time for families, and especially children, as it is a confusing time above anything else. When the loss of a close relative or friend occurs it can be difficult to explain to a young child where they have gone, and why everyone is behaving differently. 591 more words

It's a Good Life

I went to grab a napkin from the kitchen and my pizza fell on the floor. Upside-down, of course, the sauce soaking into the carpet, the toppings picking up the hair that can never really be cleaned away when two people with long hair occupy a house. 512 more words


2015 Reading Challenge, Book 17: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (based on an original idea by Siobhan Dowd)

It’s my four year anniversary on WordPress today! Weird. And quite cool. Wanted to say WELCOME to all my new followers and I hope you’re enjoying the content here. 269 more words

Mad Utterings

Ebb and flow of grief...

How do we deal with life’s losses and move forward? People far wiser than I am, said that we never do get back to normal. That a time of numbness, confusion and uncertainty eventually merges into a new “normal”. 586 more words


Three is the Number

Three is the number
that should have been four
three is enough
but I still mourn the more

© ceenoa

Random Moments

Yes, a Happy Birthday

Soon after our son passed away, I started dreading this day. I would often think, “Oh, God. His birthday. How will we ever get through that day?  775 more words


Rise from an early grave

I’ve been driven underground

subconscious graveyard

In the domains of death

My life tragic pain,

The pain of existence.

A future renaissance?

A lively revolution? 22 more words