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Let me grieve as i chose

Grief.  It’s not something i really ever gave much thought to before.  I guess i just thought it was a case of being sad for a while and then gradually getting better. 183 more words


Clothes For A Baby Boy

We opted not to know what gender our first baby was. The clothes we bought for Isobel were therefore gender neutral; white and grey mostly and we didn’t buy much. 556 more words

When I'm gone

Saturday 30th April

When I came across this poem, by Mrs. Lyman Hancock it really made me think of you.
I sighed.
I smiled.
A tear fell. 214 more words


What More Can it Take?

I seem to have reached the anxiety stage of grief.  Is that a thing?  Everything feels overwhelming right now.  I’m involved in testing at work… it’s an inherently unschedule-able thing.   285 more words


My grief floored me. I hung onto everyday life, but just. Getting through each day, holding down my job, reaching out to friends who mostly ignored me and with each return from a dip working out a strategy of how one earth I could cope with the next inevitable one. 1,175 more words

Rock Bank

It’s hard to believe one third of the year has gone by already.  An hour is always 60 minutes but when I’m trying to get out the door in that hour, it feels like 40.  167 more words

Personal Loss

April Tears bring May Rainbows

The rain fits me right now, I am cloudy. As May is on my doorstep, so is Mother’s Day and my son’s birthday. I have had such an amazing year, but the heaviness of my heart is overwhelming today. 43 more words