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Quicksand Steps

I’ll push through each sinking step
To avoid the inevitable end

I’ll grab the vine hanging above
Keeping my head above the sand

I cannot yield… 58 more words


When I Realized I Was Carrying Your Baggage As My Own

I grabbed the bag full of stuff with one hand. There’s another bag to carry so my other hand was assigned to that. I didn’t want to leave the other bag behind. 675 more words

Aftermath (2017)

D: Elliott Lester / 92m

Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Scoot McNairy, Maggie Grace, Judah Nelson, Hannah Ware, Glenn Morshower, Mariana Klaveno, Martin Donovan, Jason McCune, Christopher Darga, Larry Sullivan, Kevin Zegers, Danielle Sherrick, Lewis Pullman… 1,222 more words


I Miss Him

It’s difficult to explain the loss of my dad to people who have never lost a parent. It’s an indescrible arrange of emotions that don’t make sense and contradict each other. 446 more words


An Unseen - Carol Ann Duffy - Comments

An Unseen

I watched love leave, turn, wave, want not to go,
depart, return;
late spring, a warm slow blue of air, old-new.
Love was here; not; missing, love was there; 407 more words

Poetry Analysis

Manchester By the Sea

Manchester By the Sea is incredible in the most understated way. I was smiling at first because there is this vast contrast where there is classical music (loved it) in the background against this pure coarse language and at first it seems like it should be this extremely over-acted dramatic film, and instead it just felt like I was invading someone’s actual life by being there in the background. 223 more words

When remembering kicks you in the gut and makes you want to scream... But that sounds negative, so how about this; Remembering; even when it's difficult there is good to be found...

This came up in my time hop today…  


Looks like my hubby’s cancer has returned.         We don’t know the details. We have an appointment Thursday with his doctor.                                         620 more words