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This sweet little swampland we call home never wanted us
We were not so much a name as we were a complaint
The rude intercourse of questions… 104 more words




Comes in the morning

Like the smell of bacon and scrambled eggs.

It’s something to look forward to,

Something to take the edge

Off of these four corners of grief… 76 more words


Disappeared Like the Light She Blew Out ...

Disappeared Like the Light She Blew Out …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny

Photo of Dining Area in our previous home … dining… 1,065 more words

Grief... My Son's Gone

The Unimaginable

Here is a list of things I was worried/annoyed about on Thursday night at dinner (in order from least to most worry/annoyance):

  1. E. had learned a new song at school that week that was entirely made up of the names of fast food restaurants.
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Anxiety Overload


I wrote about how I loved him, back when it was fresh and magical. He grounded me. When I was with him, laying beside him in the quiet of the night listening to him breath, I felt peace. 480 more words

29th October 2015
Dear Dad,
Just thought I’d tell you that I think you’re doing an amazing job. It must be so lonely and difficult some days, but you’re still managing to smile through a lot of it. 66 more words






1. deep sorrow, especially that caused by someone’s death.

Not anyone’s favorite word or emotion. I am sorry I have been absent the last few days. 136 more words

From End To Beginning