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I Am a Five-Year Grief Survivor

I’ve been doing well recently, trying to be excited and optimistic about the future, accepting the uncertainty of it all as something wonderful, but this afternoon, I crashed. 680 more words


A Certain Glow

A friend remarked that he finds my blog a little on the darkside. ‘Good’, I say, life can be very dark at times and that’s my reality at the moment. 593 more words

Major Arcana

Depression – Breaking The Silence

In life we experience great moments and happiness. Accomplishments that enable us to feel as though we are on top of the world. But we also experience tragedies and disappointments. 364 more words


When a child dies, part of the parent dies too. 


I posted this link on my FaceBook page recently but re-reading it on the commuter bus home tonight … Friday night … In the middle of my tough time of year … made me need to write more about it. 245 more words



noun 1. the outline of a solid figure as cast by its shadow.

The silhouette moved slowly down the hallway. If only I could slow my manic mind down to this speed, she thought, as she began another day in the life. 823 more words

Child Loss

The nature of grief and a trip to Perth

My day job has been rather tense and hectic. I was pushing to get a report out and you know what…I stuffed up. Maybe that was in a small way. 405 more words

A Writer's Life