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Good Grief

Grief sucks. There’s no nice way to put it. Grief is the partner of a great loss: it follows death like a travelling companion. The two arrive at your doorstep one day, death walks away with the one you love, and grief moves in for a season. 2,033 more words




Before the fourth anniversary of my wife’s passing March 26, 2013, I reached out to my children and family on her side to see how everyone was doing. 749 more words

The Right Kind Of Pride

Whether The Weather

Under normal circumstances I love the spring, after all, I am a spring baby.  That glimpse of pink on the shoulders of trees, bulbs in bloom…even the city looks pretty. 167 more words



Last week I entered myself into my first ever 10k running event. The last, and only, run I entered was in Colorado when I lived there about 8 years ago. 485 more words

Turning down kindness

I am so glad this blog is being read by a wider group of people every day. It’s encouraging to hear that people who have been through a situation such as mine, are single parents, or even folks who haven’t gone through this kind of ordeal are drawing some insight and courage from these posts. 1,904 more words


Grief and other feelings

My cousin didn’t make it. He passed away on Sunday, he was in a coma and his body just shut down. He was only 31 years old and had a life ahead of him. 329 more words


My sister being gone has left an emptiness in my life.

I am married. My husband has bipolar & autism. I have four children, two with autism. 219 more words

My Sister