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The Canary Lost His Song

As I mentioned before, I have a canary.

One day I noticed he was not singing. He still chirped and peeped but not the beautiful trilling song of the past. 564 more words


After the Storm

Carol A. Hand

My little dog lay in pain
slowing dying
a victim of unintended incompetence
and lack of compassion in a capitalistic culture… 102 more words

"The Griever"

There’s this day in my life that I allow myself to wallow in my disgusting emotions, feel my broken black heart, and allow filthy tears to drop. 632 more words

Bipolar Thoughts

These past few weeks – Part 2

Having shared the celebrations of Part 1, I now go to less than happy circumstances. On March 29 2018, I posted about the passing of a dear friend Benny. 492 more words

Just Thinking!

Three Years in Heaven.

Some may think we said our goodbyes three years ago and that was it … But in my eyes the life we knew suddenly stopped. It wasn’t just one wave of change that hit us and that was it. 246 more words


Death Is Just The Beginning...

It hasn’t been a long enough time for me to feel like I can confront these feelings that I’m going through, but here I am anyway, trying to put the emotions I’m going through into words. 391 more words


The Toy Story Generation

We walked out of the darkened theater, puffy-eyed but smiling. For the briefest of moments, it seemed they were actually going to allow Buzz, Woody, Rex and the rest to actually be incinerated. 1,548 more words