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Heaviest Flighted Birds

Bird Name (Wing Span) (Weight)

1. Great Bustard (95 Ft) (20.9 kg)

2. Trumpeter Swan (11 Ft) (16.8 kg)

3. Mute Swan (10 Ft) (16.3 kg) 27 more words

Extremadura in February

Our first full day of a short break in Extremadura was spent in the hills around Monfrague, and could hardly have been better.

Small flocks of Cranes amongst the oaks, numerous White Storks and single Black Stork, three species of vulture including a pair of Egyptians, Golden Eagle and displaying… 42 more words


Gadgets That Reveal the Secretive Lives of Animals

Field studies of animals involve observing and documenting their behaviors. However, many animals are a challenge to study because they are secretive or because they live in environments too dangerous or inhospitable for humans. 529 more words

The Road to Morella

When I headed inland to the hilltop town and castle of Morella, I never thought I’d be swimming in mountain rivers or bouncing over a “Lost World” plateau where vultures soared overhead. 757 more words

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