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Movie review: The Sting (1973)

The Sting is a perfectly performed conned game—even the audience is ultimately conned. The film starts in Chicago with a couple of grifters, Johnny and Luther, conning a courier carrying money that was meant for the hands of a high level crime boss, Doyle Lonnegan. 286 more words


Liberalism Is Peace, Conservatism Is Fear

We’re all Liberals and Conservatives, meaning, we’re all one. One human race, just different packages. Sometimes I feel peaceful, and sometimes I live in fear. You feel me? 139 more words

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Conservatives Love Profiting Off The Misinformed and Intellectually Challenged Voters

Chris Christie earned his medals for conning misinformed and intellectually challenged voters, so much so that I’d started blogging about his antics, back in 2014. Where do I begin? 250 more words

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Mass Exodus From The Republican Party

After the release of Donald Trump’s tax returns. I kid you not. Would I lie to you? Listen, you don’t need any more proof, than the recent mass hysteria Conservatives created over Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch. 380 more words

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Follow The Money!

…except that for Deadbeat Donald’s campaign, there really isn’t any:

Donald Trump’s campaign started the month with a paltry $1.3 million in cash — a mere fraction of Hillary Clinton’s $42.5 million war chest — putting the GOP front-runner at a sharp disadvantage heading into the general election against Clinton’s money machine. 158 more words

2016 Goat Rodeo

Walgreens: Not Marco's Puppetmaster

At some point last week, anti-vaccine crusaders decided that picking on a child was only so much fun, so they turned their sights on Walgreens: 570 more words

Vaccine Refusal

Filling Wakefield's Coffers

Really, that’s all VAXXED is about. The movie, written by, produced by, funded by, and starring Andrew Wakefield is about Andrew Wakefield. It came to the city where I live and caused very little stir. 341 more words

Vaccine Refusal