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Grifters Gotta Grift

Let’s dispell this myth that Marco Rubio stands for much of anything:

(CNN) Marco Rubio says he plans to attend the Republican convention, will release his delegates to vote for Donald Trump and would be willing to speak on Trump’s behalf. 218 more words


Could you be a bit more specific?

This is some D-minus evangelizing, folks:

Last year, televangelist Jim Bakker prophesied that all sorts of bad things might happen on September 13 of that year, including typhoons, earthquakes, bombings, a financial collapse and/or an unspecified incident involving Pope Francis.

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Bad Guys

It Beats Working For A Living

Tabitha Wilson once heard someone say that if you want to get more out of your community, then you have to be willing to put more of yourself in to your community. 994 more words

Modern Crime: How a French-Israeli Grifter Became a Money Laundering Pioneer in China

Convicted con man Gilbert Chikli, sentenced in absentia to seven years in prison by a French court last year but living openly in Ashdod, is credited with masterminding a fraud that has cost companies $1.8 billion. 447 more words

Current Events

Destination TeeVee

Morningstar TV’s Prophetic Perspectives:

Rick interviews Todd Bentley of FreshFire Ministries about his mission to Pakistan, where a boy and two men were raised from the dead. 61 more words

Xristian Xraxies

News That Will Drive You to Drink (Ohio Edition)

Happy Hour News Briefs

Say, are there any Scissorheads in Ohio? specifically in Medina, Ashland, Richland, or Holmes Counties?
If so, Faith2Action President Janet Folger Porter… 229 more words


You're banning me!

Like so many of you, I have been banned from Dr. Bob Sears’ Facebook page. While it isn’t headline-making news, I wanted to write about the comment that got me banned because it highlights, once again, that… 727 more words

Vaccine Refusal