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Swindled. #FFfAW #amwriting

Photo credit, J.S. Brand

“Swindled.”  By Pamela Schloesser Canepa, (c) 2018

“I’m telling you, he’s got the ring!”  Kaitlynn’s face grew more flushed as she spoke. 363 more words

Flash Fiction

The Grifters, by Jim Thompson / ****

There are numerous varieties of noir out there – your hard-boiled detectives by Hammett and Chandler, your neo-noirs by Lehane, and so many more, creating a massive spectrum of darkness. 474 more words

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

Potato-slop impresario and self-appointed prophet-for-profit Jim Bakker goes full tilt, tits to the wind Jonestown on us:

Got that?

According to Scripture, Gawd is gonna send you to the Debbil, ol’ Scratch hisself for laughing at end-times grifter Jim Bakker (buy some buckets of slop! 14 more words


News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

Before you read from our Children’s Anthology of Fart Jokes selection tonight, I would advise you to recall Tengrain’s Rule of PeeCee… 239 more words


Price: Fill The Swamp! (UPDATED)

Grifters Gotta Grift

HHS Secretary Tom ‘Co-Pay’ Price has chartered $400,000 Ameros worth of flights on private jets to fly around the United States on our dime. 334 more words

4th Reich

Escape from Shawshank (of Stupid)

It’s been a couple days and I’m still overwhelmed by the stupidity that flows from the new think tank called “Investigate Russia.” As is the case with all charlatans in this internet age, the best its defenders can come up with is “LOL THEY MAD!” 2,029 more words

The Sting

The lunch was vegan 3 bean and soyrizo chili & tortilla chips. The Movie was The Sting from 1973.


Darcy says:

Unsung Heroes – The Sting… 820 more words