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The Pufferfish Effect

Anti-vaxxers have two competing narratives about themselves. The first is that they are the little guy, Davids competing against Big Pharma Goliaths in a righteous battle. 938 more words


News That Will Drive You To Drink

Please notice the ad on the bottom of the video: Jim Bakker (former husband of the late Tammy Faye and former wealth gospel grifter) is selling… 32 more words


The Road to 65, Mile 256: Desert Wildfire, Day Two

August 11, 2015, Mohave Valley-  When a crisis overtakes a community, many people come together and work to address the challenges that have arisen.  There are a few outliers and conspiracy theorists who show up, and stage drama.   372 more words


Grifters Gotta Grift, Eh Mooselini?

It probably comes as little surprise to anyone paying attention but SarahPAC, the political action committee for Alaska’s part-time governor and full-time grifter Mooselini… 214 more words


The GoFundMe We've All Been Waiting For!

The Duggars—reportedly worth millions—want some Ameros so they can produce their lovely, quality Xristian “content” now that their show is cancelled.

(We suspect it might go for a group Ashleigh Madison account for the menfolk, but we’re only guessing.)


Xristian Xraxies

A Funny Thing Happen On The Republican's Way To The White House

Donald Trump put an enormous monkey wrench in the Republican’s cake walk into the White House in 2016. The best part, Republicans gave the monkey wrench to Trump. 395 more words

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