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Unmasked at last - dodgy Brits in America

The Yanks have copped on to us at last. For hundreds of years, we Brits have been exporting the slimiest, most opportunistic gold-digging toe-rags we can find from our decadent society to the pristine shores of the United States. 788 more words


Trump Wipes His Ass On His Supporters

I ain’t mad at Trump, because truth is, Trump’s supporters are:

There’s an hierarchy in Conservative politics today, and it goes like this. Trump’s supporters are elected Republican’s cock holsters. 61 more words

Donald Trump's Betrayal

SNEAKY PETE (2016) - My rating: 8/10

Sneaky Pete is an Amazon original streaming on Amazon.  I found this series to be a fun adventure in the life of con artist.  Sneaky Pete focuses on a lone grifter and whatever crew he picks up for his con game.   326 more words


You Say Potato(e), Jim Bakker Says Bucket

Grifters Gotta Grift

Potato-slop maven/grifter Jim Bakker didn’t get the memo that Our Savior, Hair Führer, has killed ISIS dead by saying Radical Islamic Terrorism, and stopped the Sharia from coming to Merika, praise Jeebus, so Bakker is continuing to sell his end-time potato slop buckets because “they are coming here.” 46 more words


News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

Rick Wiles, doomsday maven, takes our axiom that Grifters Gotta Grift to a whole new level:

So, give bigly of your Ameros and buy Elmer Gantry Rick Wiles a teevee studio, and Dawg Almighty will bless you. 40 more words