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Dinner at Taian, 太庵, Three Michelin Star restaurant in Osaka

It was a homely gastronomic experience at this 3-Michelin star restaurant, Taian, helmed by Chef Hitoshi Takahata.

What struck me was how humble this place this. 581 more words

Saray Sultan - Jumeirah 3

Here’s a new Turkish restaurant that’s open at Jumeirah street. You probably would have noticed this one if you commute by Jumeirah road. The restaurant is on the first floor of the building(Reem Mall) so you need to keep your head high to notice while driving. 864 more words


DIY Sturdy Heavy Duty Grill Hangers

So you saved some money and got the cheaper grill. Congratulations.

Everything is working great, but RATS! –nowhere to hang the accessories like the cleaning brush, grill spatula, tongs, etc. 369 more words

Rib steaks on the grill

Luckily my boys share my palate and prefer a wide variety of foods and flavours, but my husband is a real ‘meat-n-potatoes’ kind of guy. One of his favourites is steak – rib steak to be precise. 364 more words

Domestic Goodness

Drinking for stupids.

YES, my name is :

Clumsy smurf!

I am a pro when it comes to the point of killing the keyboards at the office! i am soooo sorry everytime when i have to call the inhouse technical support … and as you know the apple keyboards are not that cheap as we all want it to be!

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