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A Cheesy Start

Imagine this:

You’re tired, sore, and heavy from drinking too much coffee after a long day’s worth of committee sessions. Not only did you have to climb 11 flights of stairs up AND down to your hotel room because of the crowded elevators, you had to scarf down a couple of donuts as a meager excuse for dinner. 284 more words

Unmoderated Caucus

Food Truck Feeding Frenzy Friday: Hmm, wonder if I could eat 10 of these…

(Originally written January 16, 2014)

Now this is the kind of food-truck experience I’d been expecting after seeing several episodes of Eat St.  Quirky characters, friendly service and food that someone surely cooked up in their college dorm—in this case, a grilled-cheese sandwich. 65 more words

Hogtown Eats

Try it Tuesday

Folks, I’m giving you fair warning. I am NOT a chef, not even a decent cook. I am a bull in a china shop in that room they call the kitchen. 411 more words

grown up grilled cheese

This grilled cheese sandwich is the perfect weeknight meal in a pinch, a quick working from home lunch, or even a comforting late night snack. The stars of this grown up classic are the onions- caramelized to perfection with a hint of tang thanks to the balsamic vinegar. 175 more words


30 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

It’s a sandwich that doesn’t need much improvement, but when you do decide to go the extra mile…the results can be ABSURDLY good.
1. Loaded nachos, grilled cheese-ified. 734 more words


Comfort Food

It is a little chilly in Atlanta. What is better than some comfort food? In this case, Tomato soup and

Grilled Cheese…Nothing better huh? It warms the soul.

Staycation Atlanta

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Spiced Onion Relish

I just had a dream…a really weird dream about stringy  grilled cheese sandwich. I woke at 3 a.m.  and couldn’t get  back to sleep. My mind was racing like a rabbit’s heart, I can’t stop thinking about that stringy and gooey cheese sandwich. 282 more words

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