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Babka Pizza: Swirled layers of pizza bread and cheese

I was inspired by the beautiful layers and textures of a Babka bread, so I figured why not try it out on a pizza. I had been dreaming about these nice fluffy layers and swirls of bread with tomato sauce and cheese. 576 more words


Grilled Pizza

I thought this was going to be hard. I’d always made pizza in my oven and it was good but not “ZOMG! this is the best!” I was a little intimidated to try on the grill, what if it stuck? 299 more words


7 Healthy Take on Grilled Pizza

Homemade pizza might be one of the easiest things to make — throw a bunch of tasty toppings on a pizza crust and bake. But who wants to heat up the house with the oven? 599 more words

Clean Eating


I’m not a camper.  but I do enjoy the outdoors, so I would probably identify more as a glamper (i.e. going camping, but more upscale ;)  ) because roughin’ it…is just not for me.   123 more words


The Many Uses of a Paella Pan

I have been having so much fun with my paella pan.  Yes, that is possible.  I never new how versatile it could be until my husband bought it for me.   172 more words


Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza

If you’re like me, you dread turning on your oven in the summer. But sometimes you crave homemade pizza.

Instead of the oven, get creative with your grill. 487 more words


Why Grilled Pizza

You’d have to be crazy to diss pizza fresh from the oven. But give a za some time to crisp up on a fiery grill — just enough to melt the cheese, char the crust and emboss it with blackened grill marks — and you’ve taken your pie game to the next level. 

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