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Offset Pit Smokers

I have a smallish pit smoker; the cook chamber is about 5’ long and the cooking grates are about 22” wide. Though I prefer not to use racks to hold ribs vertical, my smoker will easily hold enough ribs in racks to feed 25-30 people, plenty big enough for me and what I do. 1,365 more words


BBQ Tools

After 45 years or so of standing in front of a great variety of grills and pit smokers, cooking at EggFest events and in competition BBQ, this is my take on what’s needed and what’s not necessary as far as tools for grillin’ and BBQin’. 1,868 more words


Cooking techniques that maximize your meat's flavour

When it comes to cooking meat there is no mistaking the unique taste that grilling offers aspiring chefs. In fact research shows that flavour is the primary reason why people love to barbecue. 396 more words

Grilling Techniques


One of two reasons I started Miners Mix was because of a molecule. How many other businesses can say they were started partly because of a molecule? 550 more words


the best grilled rapini w/ sweet onions!

Yep! I said it (my fave btw)! And, in my Le Creuset dutch oven no less! Not one to read/follow rules, prefer to make up shit as I go … bear in mind, many, many years of cooking/techniques in my back pocket help. 127 more words


Grilling the Perfect Steak

The steakhouse is a family favorite for its flavorful cuts of beef , so to save money, we thought we would show you how to re-create those same savory steaks on your barbecue at home. 278 more words