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Mirrors & Thorns Anthology (ARC Review 3of6)

Bittersweet pain conceals a deeper beauty.

I received Mirrors & Thorns through Our Write Side in exchange for an honest review. 388 more words

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A Sneak Peak of Death:

In 1940, Vissula Prisanni was a young eight year old child, living in the suburbs of London. Her papa had been drafted into the war, but her mum assured her every day that he would return to them. 2,454 more words

By Scribe Kate

The Steel Remains (A Land Fit for Heroes #1)

What it’s about: In a brutal medieval world, a lethal gay soldier, a womanising barbarian chieftain, and a half-breed last scion of her race grapple with the phantoms of their past and spectres that threaten their future. 569 more words



You wake up sitting in a chair. So does the people around you. At the end of the table is a person dressed in black robes. 837 more words


On lies

Sweet tongue of lies

And the nectar from a fib

As if waters the weeds

Of made up stories.

They wring hearts

And break homes. 18 more words


Nightmare of plague

Pale bony fingers reached out

From under the bed

The monsters in the night

Crawling out of the dead

The warmth of bed-time stories

Had long abated with the chill… 98 more words


Pisse - Kohlrübenwinter

Pisse is a fantastic German band that has perfected, by my account, that driving 2010s keyboard-punk sound. On Kohlrübenwinter (released as a cassette, or two 7″s sadly sold separately), the band draws on the quirky, deceivingly simplistic melodies of the early Buzzcocks, but replaces the full distortion sound with clean guitars and catchy keyboard lines. 180 more words