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The Reaper by Jacqueline Nash

Painting found on Google Image – Deviant Art
Grim Reaper by ehecod

The Reaper – Jacqueline Nash

The reaper lurks in shadows
his sharpened scythe a wielding… 14 more words


Review: Storm Warned

Looking for a good series to read?

Look no further and head out to read The Grim Series by Dani Harper, whose latest novel, Storm Warned… 184 more words


For my Creative Writing class, we had an assignment to write a short story. I really wanted to avoid a cliche story about love, and I guess that meant writing a dark story. 3,184 more words

Steam Master Uncovers the Shocking Truth

What you’re going to read holds true. No names or occurrences happen to be transformed to safeguard the innocent. That’s if your carpet isn’t correctly washed and maintained, it might really be responsible for showing any adverse health hazard. 22 more words

Rug Cleaning Newport Beach

Ramsay and Rose unite

…follow Ramsay and Rose to join in the journey of two writers as they delve into the most macabre corners of their minds

Creative Writing

4.2: There and Back Again

Jamie Clone: Greetings, readers! I welcome you to a new chapter of the Kanto legacy! In the last chapter, my fellow maid and her wife were adorable, the witch woman flirted with her father-in-law, a new baby, Charmander, was born into the legacy, and baby Tepig grew into a toddler. 2,075 more words

Sims 3

Episode 12 - Remember


Grab a cup an join!

Aired on Mars 1 2015.


Summary: Rick and the group have reached Alexandria. As some of them begin to fit in on the new reality, Daryl and Glenn face conflict with some of the community’s members and their rules. 238 more words

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