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The Reaper

This is what i see when i think about “The Reaper”. A dark mysterious being, that everybody knows and accepts him but nobody likes him. He just does his job and leaves. 17 more words

Zombee Apocalypse

4. Friends

“Oh, look at that cloud!” Orion pointed. “It looks like a fluffy little duck!”

Silvia looked, and nodded in agreement. “Uh-huh. And look at that one! 772 more words


With increasing workloads and a million other stuff that needs to be done getting enough sleep can seem like it’s not that big a priority. You may have been told growing up that sleeping can help your body recuperate from the day’s activities but with only 50 kcal of energy being saved in eight hours sleep (that’s about the same as a piece of toast) that doesn’t seem to be the case. 549 more words


Fuse country...

They sit in the car looking straight ahead. ‘I’d better go,’ she says. They stay. In the parking lot cars come and go. Some drivers reverse carefully between the lines others fang in careless. 2,209 more words

Setting Up Some Stuff

Grim: Hello everyone! Gilleon and Grim here to let you know what’s going on so far.

Gilleon: We’re setting up the site, but by all means, this place is functional for y’all to navigate throughout for now! 165 more words


So happy to be back in Oz for the summer, leaving the grim reality of northern hemisphere winter!