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Writing Exercise: The hot flame danced...

I contributed the word “grim” for this writing exercise and all of our stories took a rather dire turn. It was great fun to see how a word influenced everyone’s thoughts. 160 more words


Passion for blood

I was laughing when she died.

Her smile slipped from her face as the metal dug through her soft flesh with ease. Her crisp white teeth were tinged pink as blood pooled into her mouth. 303 more words

Short Story

Ravnedalen - a paradise in summer times

I’ve mentioned Baneheia as a nice area to walk in before, but Ravnedalen is another beautiful area of Kristiansand with flowers, water, concert area, a cafe (where the burger is commonly highly recommended) and mountainsides surrounding parts of the valley. 52 more words


The Campaign begins...

25th day of the month of Rova of the Year 4711, Sandpoint. A new group of heroes takes its first steps in the Lost Coast: 322 more words


To My Friend Named 'Death'


You see yourself
as empty black stone;
a building with no purpose.
You claim the ground
beneath your feet
is thin,
with flames
beneath the surface. 140 more words


That place we call hell

I have found a place where I  don’t fit in. Of course, no one fits in here. It’s a mod podge of mixed photos, doomed to remain in mismatched  hell for what seems like an eternity. 254 more words

Short Story