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5 Books to Read for Halloween

To help you get in the Halloween spirit here are 5 books with creepy or whimsical themes.

Asylum by Madeleine Roux

At a summer college prep program Dan discovers his dorm used to be an asylum for the criminally insane. 147 more words


SAFW Autumn/Winter 2017 in a capsule.

It was almost time for South Africa’s Fashion Week and I was very fortunate to be part of it. I got the opportunity to work as one of the digital crew members and got to see every single show. 801 more words


Digital Native Brainwashing: Good or Bad?

The other day a shocking thing happened. A man who wanted to ask me out for a drink actually phoned me rather than texting. Actually asked me how I was, actually was bold enough to have a proper conversation with me rather than giving my Instagram the thumbs up as a flirtation device. 793 more words


It’s a Grim Lifestyle.

If you are interested in alternative fashion, food and health then you can continue, if not – please stop wasting time, stop reading and go do something productive! 343 more words



Thanks very much to everyone who made it down last Sunday. After a slightly damp start and a few technical hitches caused by the huge electrical storm, the Sun finally put his hat on for us and turned the afternoon around. 718 more words

Pikes On Sundays

Fracking in the UK

Recently it’s been hard to turn without seeing someone protesting for or against fracking. But is it the solution to our country’s foreign oil dependence as the government claims? 267 more words