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I’ve been told it is important for a Christian to watch shows that glorify God. This means no sex, no cussing, and I am guessing…nothing that is anti-God or anti-Bible. 455 more words


Bookends | 10.08.18

Happy Friday guys and gals. After an unexpected three day weekend thanks to a humongous stone chipping then cracking my car windscreen… I have had a top reading week. 538 more words

Karina Reads

Cindy the Smoker

At the heart of big business, there stands a man,

Short of a buck, but not of a plan,

To make himself rich, Kingpin of his Clan. 534 more words


PCS to Eden - Rightful Ownership

He made sure to stay in the shadows, and low to the ground, and he slinked down the wide tunnel. Normally, Sunday afternoon would have seen the concrete space filled with men in cleats, pads, and helmets screaming motivation obsenities at each other. 2,774 more words

Gerald Fuller

Kyle Knock | Lost Alice

For those of you who don’t know, Shall We Date?  is a dating sim game by NTT Solmare where you play through reading different worlds as the main protagonist. 597 more words


Voodoo Donuts, Witches Castle & the smallest park in the world

Our very first stop of course was food. Getting up at 4am and running around an airport only makes your stomach growl and before we got hangry, which everyone was on the verge of, we hopped in the rental car and dashed off to Voodoo donuts! 516 more words

On The Road Again

Grimms Fairy Tales Truth I see, "The Wonderful Musician"

Telling a Truth found in a Part of this story. Your going to find an instrument that is magically created by a spell, to make others obedient followers, when hearing its’ music be played. 1,055 more words