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Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales: The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage

“Once on a time, a mouse and a bird and a sausage lived and kept house together in perfect peace among themselves, and in great prosperity.” 1,022 more words


Top 5 - Classic Fairy Tales

Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks top 5!

I spent most of the weekend wracking my brains as to what I could do this weeks top 5 on because even though I have a few things written down that I know want to explore, I feel some of them are better suited to certain weeks and other will require visits or a little more research on my part. 2,165 more words


Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales: The Wonderful Musician

“A wonderful musician was walking through a forest, thinking of nothing in particular. When he had nothing more left to think about, he said to himself, ‘I shall grow tired of being in this wood, so I will bring out a good companion.'” 743 more words


And Wake Up As Ghosts ~ Twelve Dancing Princesses Writing Prompt

This month’s featured fairy tale over at Fairy Tale Central is one of my top favorites:

Twelve Dancing Princesses

This month, we’re doing another multiple option prompt, like Choose Your Own Adventure. 342 more words

Flash Fiction Writing Prompts

Grimm’s Dweller: The Complete Trilogy by Arizona Tape

Magical help for Herr Grimm

This story focuses around the stories of Wilhelm Grimm, with a twist – in this version, he receives magical help from a being known as a “Dweller”, a being that inhabits story universes. 298 more words


The Sisters Grimm, by Menna van Praag


The Sisters Grimm, by Menna van Praag is the perfect Grimm Fairy-tale infused story. Filled with magic, darkness and secrets, it is a tale of war, violence, and unity. 2,495 more words

Book Review

The Wasted Potential of Grimm

NBC’s fantasy drama Grimm is a show that I have huge amount of love for. Not only was it fantastical escapism, but it was also a legitimately solid police procedural as well. 749 more words