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montessori baby shelves

when i was pregnant with frankie rose, i was obsessed with getting her nursery just right and was tweaking things through my first contractions. we needed a place to feed, change diapers, sleep, read, get dressed, and play — a tall order for 50 square feet. 1,388 more words


Library Shame: The Sequel

I previously wrote about my immense shame after losing a library book. If you care about my moral floundering, check it out here.

I wasn’t completely honest in the post. 241 more words

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Grimm's Wooden Rainbow Review

We hope you enjoyed this review of the Grimm’s Wooden Rainbow.

We bought ours from Babi Pur with a 10% Eventual Mother discount.
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premature basement playroom

so after beating all the statistical odds during pregnancy — getting pregnant right away, zero morning sickness, no heartburn, no gestational diabetes, gbs negative, a head-down baby by 29 weeks — i found myself shocked and dismayed to still be pregnant at 40 weeks. 607 more words

Little Bungalow

Jalan Lain Si Tudung Merah

Seorang anak perempuan, semarak liar belantara hutan, seekor serigala, dan segaris pesan moral.

Si Tudung Merah adalah dongeng klasik yang telah membuai lelap anak-anak dan orang dewasa. 1,440 more words

Telling Our Stories


Ich verlose zum allerersten Mal etwas – und es wäre ja unfair, dass nur auf meinem Instagram Profil zu tun.

Verlost wird zur Feier des kleinen Striches ein Greifling von Grimms Holzspielzeug :-) 96 more words