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Rules for Writing Fairy Tales

In case you don’t know yet, I absolutely love fairy tales, and have often dreamed of writing my own fairy tales in the traditional language and style of Grimm’s. 321 more words



a piece, an ephemeral installation, a picnic, a post-flood celebration. I’m not quite sure how to define this one. Inspired by the awe-full and awful 2011 floods and the fairy tale ‘the six swans’ and the image of insects and birds fleeing the lockyer river. 29 more words


Rad Toys For Rad Girls and Boys

I am always on the hunt for cool, unique and good quality toys for our babes. It is incredibly important to me to surround children and babies with toys and spaces that ignite their imagination and enable them to fall in love with imaginary creative play… 717 more words

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Cinderella 2015-reviewed by Anita 4/5 stars

This live action classic fantasy is magical.  Not to state the obvious.  Cate Blanchett is superb as the Wicked Stepmother.  Lily James can at times appear almost too sweet.   354 more words


A Photo Series That Will Live Happily Ever After

Who’s that girl above? It’s me!! I know right? You would never know which is the BEST part. I’ve mentioned before how much I love fashion and editorial photography and my amazing warm, wonderful and insanely talented and creative friend Teresa gives me the opportunity to be a part of crazy beautiful pictures like this. 298 more words


Definetely Not Important !!

Lamanya saya tidak nge blog bisa dihitung sejak Oguri Shun mengumumkan pernikahannya dengan Yamada Yuu hingga lahir anak pertama mereka beberapa bulan yang lalu. I didn’t post ANYTHING about them on my blog .. 285 more words

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