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One of the things that mess me up the most is rejection. Rejection from friends, would-be lovers, parents, and even organizations. Rejection sucks; it leaves me feeling like I’m not good enough, like I’m never going to be good enough. 247 more words

distancing day 87 thoughts:

1. Winnie is definitely a Drew as she wears her Christmas gear all year long. To be fair, it was cold as a witch’s tit this morning so she wasn’t all that far off. 404 more words


My present to U !

someone is not happy the humans are home all day!

The Grinch (2018)

The Grinch is exactly what I wanted from this remake. It has taken the original ideas of the Grinch’s character, but taken a spin on the story with a different storyline for Cindy-Lou. 108 more words

Will the Grinch Steal Christmas? - LewRockwell

I don’t think the people who plan to test, track, monitor and force
vaccinate all of humanity actually understand humanity all that well. I
think they really believe that we can be controlled through fear and… 866 more words

Second Sunday of May

It’s that time of the year again. It’s that time when I’m reminded of a wound that’ll probably never heal.

It’s the day when I don’t find the strength to get up from bed because flashbacks from my childhood haunt me, and I feel terrified in broad daylight. 376 more words


I am grateful by Norma L. Hernandez

Norma and I met four and a half years ago when our radiation appointments overlapped. I remember sitting opposite her in the waiting room and being drawn by her warmth and her smile. 575 more words

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