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Cadaveric Incubator - Sermons of the Devouring Dead (2017)

I retain more than a passing affinity for early Cannibal Corpse and goregrind at large; make of that as you will, but Finland’s Cadaveric Incubator… 406 more words

Death Metal

Undergrind 2017 featuring Vader (September 24, Vapour Pub, Bangalore)

While every other purportedly metal concert in the country has been overrun by effete poseurs in sunglasses and patch-infested evening denim-wear, sold out by a whorish desire to appeal to the widest possible audience in chase of greater ROI, and diluted with strict rules of conduct more becoming of a Jagjit Singh ghazal evening than an underground metal show, the Undergrind remains – and has remained for more than ten years – the only gig in town worthy of the epithet “underground”. 164 more words

Why Blood matters

Death – a world of pain lies in this world
Death – is eternal sleep
Death – is a silent man,
But he conquers everyone… 946 more words

Death Metal

Two promising demos from 2017: Sickness (Finland) and Moenen of Xezbeth (Belgium)


Extreme metal should have always remained lo-fi, a sentiment previously expressed and one to abide by. In a technologically advanced age, however, a tendency such as this could be construed as mere gimmick if the grime doesn’t in fact conceal layers of genuine substance. 411 more words

Death Metal

Camphora Monobromata - Suffering Amongst The Hostile Walls (2016)

Camphora Monobromata from Russia play mincecore, a strain of grindcore which adherents stress has its own unique identity. The lay listener can conveniently dispose of such distinctions and consider this grindcore for all intents and purposes, but for what it’s worth, mincecore appears a little more organized than its cousin in grind; the nature of the riff remains as simple and monochromatic as that found in other punk variants, but mincecore as a whole appears to be more mindful of mood and the way song premises are introduced and developed. 177 more words


Cognizant - Cognizant (2016)

The millstone around the neck of grindcore, if one considers it in its truest sense, is that it cannot be technical. Millstone, because grindcore’s simplicity is its selling point, yet its cross to bear, too. 311 more words

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