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Black Arrows of Filth and Impurity - 1984 (Eternal)

It’s death metal? It’s grindcore? It’s death metalcore?1

1984 (Eternal) is the only official2 release by Black Arrows of Filth and Impurity (henceforth referred to as BAOFAI) of Indianapolis, IN. 494 more words


Organ Dealer - Visceral Infection

Visceral Infection is the debut full-length release by New Jersey deathgrind band Organ Dealer. Described as “psychologically torturous” instead of “straight-forward, goregrind stuff,”1 Visceral Infection features full-bodied production akin to Pig Destroyer’s Book Burner. 445 more words


Cloud Rat - Blind River

There’s something of a 21st-century riot grrl scene in grindcore and punk rock that’s been going on the past several years. Bands such as Appalachian Terror Unit and Fuck the Facts1 are fronted by women and typically feature feminist and intersectional whose ferociousness is complemented by the genre’s musical brutality. 620 more words


Unabomber—Potemkin (Less is more) (2004)


Produced and arranged by Unabomber. Recorded in Estudio Ultramarinos, Costa Brava by Santi Garcia. Mixed by Unabomber and Santi Garcia. Released on Voliac Rock Productions, 2004. 295 more words


Agoraphobic Nosebleed - A Joyful Noise

In January 2012, grindcore act Agoraphobic Nosebleed1 recorded a four-minute, 11-song EP to be included as a flexi-disc2 for Decibel magazine’s January 2012 issue. Later released on-line and through Relapse Records,3 A Joyful Noise is pretty much what one expects from a grindcore Christmas album: lyrics such as “his neck in a noose he hung like strange fruit from the Christmas tree” and “inficide, deicide, newborn baby Jesus burned alive,” in addition to certain invectives directed toward Kurt Ballou and Cannibal Corpse.4… 313 more words


Joe Pesci—At Our Expense! (2009)


Music recorded at The Afternoon Gentlemen’s Practice Rooms, Leeds, April 2009. Vocals recorded at Unit 28, Newcastle, June 2009. Mixed and mastered by Dan Pesci. 558 more words

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