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Epistles from strange imaginations: Lord Worm and Lori Bravo

Is it my mind within your life?
as I tear open your throat
Or is it my life within your mind?
as I suck on your open wound… 991 more words

Contagio HC

Oggi è il turno dei CONTAGIO HC!

I CONTAGIO HC spaziano tra i generi più estremi del nostro panorama musicale

tra punk hardcore, metalcore, grindcore e chi più ne ha più ne metta. 57 more words


Cardiac Arrest: Primitive, pummeling death metal

Overbearingly heavy and uncompromising, Cardiac Arrest from Chicago specialize in a strain of death/grind that, for better or worse, has crawled back into the obscurity it initially arose from, after a brief resurgence in the early 2000s. 451 more words

Death Metal

Post-Symphonies Of Sickness Carcass is redundant

On Reek Of Putrefaction, British band Carcass made a statement that has resonated through extreme music for almost two decades. Every goregrind band – and by direct correlation, underground metal-related music in general – owes a debt of gratitude to the path that… 578 more words

Death Metal