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Eldritch Moon Limited Picks

David Lane | MtG Grinders on Facebook | @Tyrennii on Twitter

We all know that having a bomb limited rare can win you the game, but more often Limited games come down to the common and uncommon picks. 1,182 more words


Salute to the stock photo brothers and sisters

By Harry Hodge
So you’re looking at an ad for a Hungarian tabloid in Budapest. You see the handsome man cheering on his local team, blissfully ignorant of the hottie lying at his feet on the sofa, reading Story-Belleklet with an equal measure of joy. 401 more words

The Friday Forecast: June 17

Another week, another forecast. If you missed last week’s, make sure to check that out because these recommendations certainly don’t expire. This week in addition to talking about another bar and restaurant I will also talk briefly about… 1,102 more words

Kansas City

@DiSOSNYC  Italian Sandwich Society

Love Italian Subs(heroes, grinders, hoagies)? Look for the Red Truck. While there are plenty of places to eat in Mid-Town, really good Italian heroes are hard to find. 260 more words

Steve's Best Of...

Cheap Grinders; is there a difference?

From bongs, to bowls, to vaping, and beyond, it seems like there are 100 and 1 ways to smoke now. In all of this debate about which method is superior, a commonly overlooked aspect is actually grinding the herb. 237 more words


Nerds Collide! : Top 5 cards of SoI

Trent Clarke | MtG Grinders on  Facebook |@XxdarkhorseX on Twitter

Hey nerds, Trent here. There’s Been quite the chatter amongst fellow grinders and nerds alike lately about the top cards of the set released from the highly-anticipated new set, Shadows of Innistrad, and a lot of debate about what’s going to come out on top, so I thought it might be interesting to get people’s opinions on paper and put them against each other. 2,858 more words