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Black Ice Deflectors on IMD granulizers, for improved flow of coffee

Why inconsistent flow of coffee must be avoided

After coffee is ground by the top section, it takes on a static charge, which, along with the help of the coffee oils, causes it to stick on the inside surfaces of the roll chamber. 260 more words


Genuine thru-water cooling on rolls, journals, and bearings

Granulizer rolls, journals, and bearings are designed for precision grinding in large volumes. With applications requiring tight particle distributions and roll gaps as small as 50 microns, stabilizing tolerances and controlling temperatures can make the difference between a great coffee product and an inferior one. 234 more words


High Accurate Level Grinding Machine Series Manufacturer - Tong Yi Machinery

The idea of “managing of the DOWELL® limited company” are keeping & improving continuously forever.

With the customer’s demand constant research and development and innovation, the specialty develops various accurate levels… 150 more words


Salt and pepper grinders

I love to cook, and am always looking out for cool new gadgets to use in the kitchen. I have been looking for some salt and pepper grinders for awhile. 93 more words

Current Jams

I love Music

It entertains me, drives me, moves me.

Yeah, I guess I am one of those people.

I am originally from New York and I feel like we’re born with all things musical and creative flowing through our veins. 624 more words


Gemini Series Model IMD 779.2 Coffee Capsule Granulizer for engineering the perfect grind

MPE announces the Gemini Series Model IMD 779.2 Coffee Capsule Granulizer with variable roll speed ratios for achieving the strongest particle size distribution for coffee pods, pads, and capsules. 71 more words


Day 214 - National Cold Cuts Day

I was ready for this one.  I’d been training (cue Rocky music). I knew that I had to dig a little deep to win this battle. 3,153 more words