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Modern Masters 3: An Open Idea to WoTC

David Lane | MtG Grinders | @tyrennii on Twitter

Modern Masters 2 was just released this year and while the release of MM3 is at least 2 years away, you can be your bottom dollar that Wizards of the Coast are already thinking about what cards are going to go into it. 1,508 more words


Modern Tron Primer

Michael Barker | MtG Grinders

Here at Grinders HQ we’re getting excited. Getting excited for GP Melbourne. Getting excited for Modern. Getting excited for deck testing. 3,931 more words


You Should Be Playing This Card #38: Consecrated Sphinx

David Lane | MtG Grinders | @Tyrennii on Twitter

In this series I’ll be highlighting a card that I think you should really consider for your Commander decks. 671 more words


Product Review: Baratza Grinders

“We recommend you grind per use.” If you’ve ever asked about manual brewing at our bar, you have definitely heard this somewhere in the explanation. If you think we’re just trying to sell you something, and doubt the hype, click here. 356 more words

Specialty Coffee

The Ultimate Modern Binder Pt.9: Gold (and Spreadsheet!)

David Lane | MtG Grinders | @tyrennii on Twitter

Let me state now that in this article, when I say ‘cards’ I mean common and uncommon cards only. 1,025 more words


Italian Food: Here, There, and Everywhere!

Hi All. I’m in the thick of my busy season at work and Nick started a new job in October, so needless to say, it’s been a very hectic fall.  745 more words


GP Brussels Standard Analysis

David Lane | MtG Gridners | @Tyrennii on Twitter

GP Brussels was held on the weekend and you can find out all about the coverage on the mothership website right here: … 1,433 more words