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Pro Tour Oath & (Beating) the Eldrazi

David Lane | MtG Grinders on Facebook | @Tyrennii on Twitter

Pro-tour Oath of the Gatewatch, has now come and gone with our congratulations to Jiachen Tao for taking it out. 1,751 more words


A Grinders Guide to 4-Colour Rally

Coen Malone | MtG Grinders on Facebook | @TCM_222 on Twitter

While all the buzz in my chats with the group are focused on GP Melbourne and Modern, my eyes have been glued to Standard as that is what the format for the RPTQ is. 1,494 more words


Standard in a world without Jace

David Lane | MtG Grinders on Facebook | @Tyrennii on Twitter

I was going to write about the latest Modern bannings and I did. This article just sat on my laptop for a while, and in the end I hated it. 2,430 more words


We have best grinders for you

This is very useful information for all that the amazing product for about they are waiting is now available at our online store. Yes we are talking about… 225 more words

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Moving From Standard To Modern

Lewis Adams | MtG Grinders |@Lewis_TNL on Twitter

Competitive constructed Magic is expensive. Unless you have a friend with a large collection who is generous about lending cards (lucky you), it is not cheap to get the requisite cards for your tournament deck. 2,103 more words


A Father's Legacy, Corporate Decay, and Tool Gloats

Over the past three months I’ve come to possess a series of new (to me) tools. Some needing rejuvenation, some awaiting inspiration, but all of them ready for a second life. 402 more words

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Episode 004: Sharpening!

Whats Going on in the Shop

Kyle – Sprinter Van Cabinetry

Sean – Finished the Art Piece and started work on the main inlay on the headboard panel.  376 more words

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