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Movie Review: Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017)

Written, directed and scored by C, Craig Zahler, Brawl in Cell Block 99 is a 2017 action thriller. Bradley Thomas (Vince Vaughan) is a drug mule, working for Gil (Marc Blucas). 403 more words


Spotlight On: Edward D. Wood Jr.

Usually when you were regarded as the worst at something you are not remembered for it. That is what makes filmmaker Edward D. Wood Jr. so special, often dubbed “the Worst Director who Ever Lived” Wood has developed a cult fandom with his infamously bad flicks. 1,017 more words


DETROIT 2020 2nd Edition Release and Sale

Hey loyal blog readers,

Just a short post to tell you DETROIT 2020 2nd Edition is now available!

After a long wait, the upgraded version of Dagger and Julia’s action-packed adventure through “Free Detroit” is  218 more words


Review: “The Grim Reaper” (1976) from Director Ron Ormond

Original image I made featuring Ron Ormond.

If you want to watch the whole movie before or after my review, you can do so here: … 2,407 more words


The Devil's Rain(1975)

The Devil’s Rain(1975)

directed by:Robert Fuest

cast:Ernest BorgnineEddie AlbertIda Lupino,William Shatner

Corbis,a satanist cult leader is burnt alive by the local church. 291 more words



directed by:Peter Collinson

cast;Honor BlackmanSusan GeorgeIan Bannen

Quite a wasted opportunity of a film , Fright might boast some obvious merits such as that of a “groundbreaker” of the “terrorized babysitter formula,” and is oftentimes  compared to  278 more words

Venom Now and Super Heroes Then.

The Venom DVD was sitting under the Christmas tree last month (for me) and today my son asked to watch it. I knew there was no gore or sex, over the top action, and PG-13 so language is at a minimum.  610 more words

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