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According to news reports, Donald Trump will be in Mexico City tomorrow, for a private meeting with Enrique Peña Nieto. My comments.

Whether Peña Nieto or Donald Trump has the lower approval rating with the Mexican people is an open question. 277 more words


Antonio Lopéz de Santa Anna: the accidental feminist

On 20 July 1848, at Seneca Falls, New York, Elizabeth Cady Stanton read to the approval of the first Women’s Rights Convention the “Declaration of Sentiments”.  557 more words


Mad Max for Mex? ... and the Russians are coming!

Continuing the saga of the French intervention:

To save the “Latin” people, choice would fall on a German-speaking prince: Archduke Maximilian von Hapsburg of the Austria-Hungarian Empire. 1,584 more words


Brexit and Mexit

I have to admit that the attitudes of most lefty commentators on Latin America (including myself) about Brexit certainly are paradoxical. While we generally deplore the damages done to our own countries by various neo-liberal “trade agreements” and support nationalist movements, when it comes to British voters turning their backs on those trade agreements and turning nationalist, we immediately write off the “Leave” voters as a bunch of short-sighted racist yahoos.  1,487 more words

Economy & Business

More arms for the man

Despite a deepening economic crisis, marked by the continuous devaluation of the peso and impending cuts in public spending, and absent even an official war against drug traffickers, the Enrique Peña Nieto governent has bought over 1.3 billion dollars of U.S. 285 more words


Orlando, Veracruz... and the Bishops

The massacre at Madames’ bar in Veracruz three weeks ago (22 May) was initially written off as “narco-violence” both here and abroad, then promptly disappeared in the media.  847 more words