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This is not about Venezuela

… or, so says Mark Weisbrot, in the Democracy Now! discussion of the Summit of the Americas.

For the U.S., the Summit was supposed to be (as it has been since the first one back during the Clinton Administration) a pep rally for U.S. 119 more words


WWORT? The "Alliance For Prosperity"

What would Oscar Romero think?

Whether one considers Romero a saint, or merely a patriot who died trying to save his country from further suffering and violence, somehow I don’t think he’d look down on El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras with anything but sadness. 835 more words

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Just what we need... armed gringos

Via Aristigui Noticias:

The ban on foreign agents carrying weapons in Mexico is about to disappear.

President Enrique Peña Nieto sent an initiative to the Senate that would reform the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives and allow customs officials, bodyguards and immigration agents from foreign countries to carry firearms. 131 more words



I never knew there was a name for this particular sub-group. African-Americans have been emigrating to Mexico as long as Mexico existed, before U.S. emancipation mostly because slavery did not exist in Mexico (it was the first country to abolish the peculiar institution), and afterwards, because the racial climate in the United States made African-Americans feel their economic and social prospects were better south of the border. 282 more words


First they came ...

The U.S. government has quietly created a second-class federal prison system specifically for immigrants. For years the Department of Homeland Security has been known as the agency that houses immigrants awaiting deportation. 130 more words


A billion here, 495.6 billion there...

President Barack Obama’s administration hopes to increase funding to Central America to $1 billion next year as part of a drive to boost relations with southern neighbors, bolster security and stem illegal immigration.

281 more words
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Unhealthy travels

The Secretary of Health for the State of Sonora has taken the unusual step of issues a “health travel advisory”… warning Sonorans against visits to California, Utah, Arizona or Washington, because of the measles outbreak in those states. 62 more words