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No Mice

Some faithful readers may recall how, in my early days here, I described a certain type of expatriate as “Gringoland mice”? There are many of these: they live in a part of town full of high-rise buildings and American-style supermarkets and stores; they squeak in English in a country of Spanish; they mostly scurry around in cars just like in America; they socialize with other Americans at gringo mousehole hangouts like cafés and bars with English-speaking staff. 409 more words


A Love Letter to Gringolandia

18 Diciembre 2015

So, I’ve been talking about this Gringolandia post for a while, and now that almost everyone from Gringolandia has gone home for the holidays, I can finally sit down and write it! 2,314 more words

Operation Wetback

Dara Lind, writing for Vox, has done a bang-up job of going into the background of “Operation Wetback” … the overly hyped (by the overly-hyper Donald Trump) “round-up” of Mexican migrants in the U.S…. 331 more words


The refugees at Mexico's door

Although President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico said when he announced the so-called Southern Border Plan that it was to “protect the human rights of migrants as they pass through Mexico,” the opposite has happened.

530 more words

Los Mascogos

If there is a “typical” Mexican, perhaps a Mascogo fits the bill… after all, what’s more Mexican than being of African-indigenous-mestizo-gringo-refugee heritage?

Descended from the “black Seminoles” … a tribe descended from slaves who had fled the English colonies into Spanish Florida and intermarried, the “Black Seminoles” — while ostensibly “Indians” had maintained numerous African customs and folkways.  491 more words


Cuenca Ecuador river view home for rent / lease with elevator and handicap accessible

Location, location, location with views of the river! Just off Ordonez Lasso near Joe’s Secret Garden Restaurant. Everything about this home is new including the furniture. 166 more words

Sr. Guzmán has left the building

The story being given out — that somehow someone managed to dig a 1.5 Km tunnel (just under a mile) from outside Altaplano Prison into Chapo’s shower… UNDETECTED — is shall we say, an unprecedented opportunity for Mexicans to indulge in mordant humor? 673 more words

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