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Hefty E82849 13-Gallon The Gripper Tall Kitchen Bags, 38 Count

All of our Hefty waste bags are specifically designed to stand up to all of your toughest waste disposal tasks, whether you’re cleaning up from dinner or raking leaves in your back yard.
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3D Printed Chess Robot Gripper

After a long hiatus of Robotics activities I am starting a new project: A Chess Playing Robot.

As a logical step up of the Tic Tac Toe Playing Robotic Arm… 452 more words


Simplified inverse kinematics model for a 5 degree of freedom + gripper robotic arm (2011)

The following describes a simple method (inverse kinematics) of calculating the angles for all joints of a robotic arm to obtain a desired position of the end actuator (gripper). 1,096 more words


TicTacToe Robot Arm (2010)

TicTacToe Robot Arm (2010)

TicTacToe game Robot Arm application.

Robot Arm with 5 degrees of freedom plus gripper, made with Lego Technic, LynxMotion and custom made parts controlled with a Parallax Propeller Microprocessor. 118 more words


Robotic Arm, Lego gripper + Lynxmotion Servo Erector elbow, shoulder and base version (2010)

Experimental robot arm with 5 DOF (Degrees of Freedom) plus actuator (gripper).

The Lego version was to shaky and weak so replaced from the elbow down with Aluminum Servo Erector brackets from  100 more words


Last of the Christmas Gifts

Here is a picture of the last of my Christmas gifts.  I ordered these through http://www.Amazon.com


Captains of Crush Gripper No.1 – This grip trainer is rated to c. 159 more words


Strength Training for a Broken Wrist

18 MONTHS ON from my jaunt down Death Road which ended in a broken and dislocated wrist with three metal pins inserted, I’ve slowly had to rebuild my arm strength again. 413 more words