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Gripshom Castle

A view of the Renaissance-period Gripsholm castle at Mariefred on the shores of lake Mälaren in central Sweden, Aug. 26.


Swedish National Monument

Gripsholm: Swedish National Monument

One of the most famous castles in Sweden Gripsholm located sixty kilometers from Stockholm, near the picturesque Lake Malaren. The name of the castle complex was named after its founder – the outstanding figure of the time and a major landowner Bo Jonsson Grip, by order of that in the second half of the fourteenth century in this place were built walls that were the basis for the future of the castle. 296 more words

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Gripsholm Castle

Mariefred, summer 2013; the beautiful castle at lake Mälaren, known also as the Castle of Gustav Wasa (who founded it in 1537).


Castle Gripsholm

Castle Gripsholm, a photo by SpatzMe on Flickr.

One of the many castles we visited on our way to Sweden – Castle Gripsholm is one of the more famous ones.


A Slower Day

It was a slower day today, which meant that I didn’t have planning, or running around, or learning to concentrate on. Which isn’t always good for me. 216 more words

Uppstoppade djur

När jag visar upp slottet för besökarna frågar de ofta om Helge är Tychos tama älg, och jag måste tyvärr göra dem besvikna, Tychos älg stoppades inte upp. 739 more words

the lion

A couple of weeks ago I visited this poorly stuffed lion. You’ll find it in i dark corner in Gripsholm castle in Mariefred, about 45 minutes drive from Stockholm. 51 more words

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