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Queens, Kings, Fools & Heroes pts 4 & 5

Deirdre and Eddie Ball.
Seagulls fought over empty take-away containers, ignoring Deirdre as she passed. The back-streets and lanes had changed from grey concrete to worn Victorian yellow and red-brick; empty, stained, disused warehouses and workshops with closed and padlocked gates. 833 more words


Queens, Kings, Fools & Heroes pt 3

Nathan and Whacker.
Out on Fermoy Street, despite the grey Dublin clouds, the light hurt Nathan’s eyes. He blinked a couple of times, then held a squint until he adjusted to being out of the darkened pub. 546 more words


Queens, Kings, Fools & Heroes pt 2

Deirdre and Deco Markey.
Deirdre Burke sat on a colourless couch, perched on the edge of the seat, smoking a thin, hand-rolled cigarette. The small flat was in a state. 640 more words


Queens, Kings, Fools & Heroes pt 1.

Friday September 27 2002.
Nathan and Eddie Ball.
Eddie Ball was thin, hungry-looking, with a pointed face, stick-out ears and glasses. Unattractive and married to a nasty, violent temper, he was a dangerous man and one to be avoided. 662 more words


Review, Make Something Up: Stories You Can't Unread

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a Chuck Palahniuk fan, and I am really a little annoyed that my library still hasn’t recovered from the Great Move of 2015 and I can’t establish my epic shelf of cred in this regard. 820 more words


The Chronicles of Thomas Mars: Wasteland Adventurer!

He clutched the small pistol to his chest, hiding behind a column forming the entrance to a pre-war bank. His heart raced and blood poured from the gash that appeared on his thigh, as he sat and listened to the unrelenting hail of lead and barking maniacal laughter on the other side of the column which was chipping away slowly behind him. 7,467 more words


The Last Girl (The Dominion Trilogy) - Joe Hart

It would seem that this year I have started a fair few series, most of the books in my GoodReads list have a ‘#1’ behind them. 930 more words