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Half the World (Shattered Sea #2)

This is a formulaic but well-written bridge novel, that builds up the narrative to its final denouement while providing compelling character stories to provide meaning and context to the narrative. 485 more words


The Dark and the Light

The Dark and The Light

It is wrong. Like me.

Everything about me is wrong, and I hear them say it. I have heard it often enough. 1,873 more words

The Boy With...

Satire Saturday!

I wanted to add something a little humorous to the blog. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen every Saturday or Wednesday but check back on those days to see if you hit the jackpot on the funnies or something ironic. 67 more words


Somewhere short of Alamogordo

Book 6

Chapter 1

Somewhere short of Alamogordo, New Mexico the mile long string of wagons gave up the chase westward, the pulsing orb pulling away over the desert horizon, setting fire to the yucca and chaparral, flaming atop the mesas and spattering the high icy cirrus, frozen at the edge of space, with liquid gold. 1,201 more words

Author Blog

When I'm Thinner...(The Mess Of Me)

The Mess Of Me was never meant to happen. It was never a plan, or a decision that I made. I was busy rewriting my novel The Boy With The Thorn In His Side; a book and a plot which had been with me for over twenty years. 2,236 more words

A Life In Words

Flesh and Bone - Season 1 (2015)

Dave’s 3-Word Review:
I’m sorry, ladies.

I’m a strange guy. I actually like certain dances and choreography, for most dances actually – except for ballet. Ballet was never really a dance/sport/anything that I cared to watch. 333 more words