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efforts from SOUTH EAST TEXAS

thats right gofer ant no screen writter . just sitting one place tiil u krok, or going to mission 

beach ca, to watch them 9 foot breakers come in.   80 more words


fire cracker cowards

O yes they sure was eager with all there might to make me loose sleep, might have been roman candles.cherry bombs, blackcats.  Well i got up fin early mad as grizz .   36 more words


We bare bears

I love the show we bare bears!!! It’s funny and happy. Favorite bear: panda(he likes anime)! My favorite episode is the burrito episode were grizz dose a burrito challenge and never fineshes beacuse he makes a friends with an oversized burrito, and forgets his brothers🙁. 9 more words

The Inner Nerd

We Bare Bears S2E21 'Grizz Helps'

Grizz wakes up trying to help his brothers. They both rebuff him and he heads out on his own using Craigslist as a guide. It is rather insane that Craigslist has really become such a cultural icon. 232 more words


MD1 exams complete

So I just finished the last of my exams this week, and I’ve spent these past few days organising a small birthday dinner for myself – just to spoil some of my friends you know? 203 more words


WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 36: Episode 48 - GRIZZ Helps

Usually, I would have this up 30-45 minutes after the episode has aired but the latest episode of Steven Universe kept me occupied and then followed by forgetting that I do these posts every week whenever a new episode airs. 480 more words