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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Plastic Grocery Bags

On an average, a family of four uses around 60 plastic grocery bags every month.

This very fact is enough to understand the extent to which we depend on these carry bags on our day to day life.

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Still using plastic?

Are you still using those pesky and flimsy plastic bags when grocery shopping? Well stop!

Plastic bags are horrific for the marine environment. Many animals are found dead with stomaches full of plastic including plastic bags. 317 more words

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Bag It, Baby

My hometown of Los Angeles passed a law not too long ago requiring grocery stores to charge customers for bags. It is for the environment. And it is a pain in the ass. 942 more words

Use of paper grocery bags in business

Being an owner of a fast food shop, grocery wholesale or dress material showroom, if you’ve a query in mind whether to start using paper bags to deliver goods to your consumers, then most possibly you’re not aware of the recent trend of paper bags in the industry. 97 more words

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Going shopping?

If you’re going shopping you’ll need a bag. Press here to go to my Kickstarter campaign where you can reserve the bag you need when you make a pledge.  Hurry, campaign ends on May 31!


Plastic Bags Making a Mess?

I always seem to have those plastic grocery bags all over. And I use them… I use them in small garbage cans, cleaning litter boxes, and even as stuffing around breakables. 154 more words