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Classic Dark Tim Tams

I found genuine, Australian, dark chocolate Tim Tams in my local Target store!

I love how dark they were!

I took these to work to share, and three co-workers did a Tim Tam slam, where you bite off each end of the cookie and drink a liquid through it. 94 more words

Dark Chocolate

The most popular grocery store in each state

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Americans are passionate about their grocery stores.

But some of the most popular chains in the nation only exist is particular regions, so it’s likely you’ve never even heard of some of them. 189 more words


Friday Fun Festivities

After a day and a half of eating someone else’s leftovers and dry cereal, I finally went grocery shopping. The highlight of the trip was a tray of mini croissants put out as samples. 69 more words

5) Friday Feature Festivites

Grocery Store Tips

どうも みんなーさん、

So I am going to talk to you all about grocery shopping in Hikone,  Japan. It is hard. For foreigners, it not like where ever you are from. 600 more words

Food fraud is a $50 billion annual industry — and you’re probably eating some of the evidence.

From Kobe beef to Parmesan cheese, restaurants and grocery stores are packed with foods that aren’t quite what they seem. 228 more words


Ho's Dim Sim Kitchen Grocer Sydney CBD

THERE IS A GOD! Home made dumplings that are dirt cheap and vegan exist for you to stick in the freezer for when you’re feeling naughty! 195 more words