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My Grok Hurts

I’m reading Category Theory for the Sciences.  It’s a wild ride through abstraction connecting the tools and concepts  I use daily to the deep mathematical concepts that underlie them and then going a step further to explore the even broader abstractions that unite the representations of the mathematical abstractions behind the concreteness. 70 more words


Let them talk to each other

This quote was posted a while ago by Austin Kleon. The quote comes from Steven Tomlinson talking about advice from his professor Will Spong when he asked him how to choose a life path from his three passions of business, the theatre and the seminary. 179 more words

My Studio


by Kenneth Harper Finton ©2017

Some years back, I believed that people  grew old and died because they became ill and their bodies deteriorated. As I age myself, I wonder if that is so. 715 more words


To Optimize or Not To Optimize


Oft times, coding is trying to find a balance between multiple parameters. Some good factors we measure code upon are –


Episode 42

Kristen from “Love in a Dangerous Time”

Russ from “Love in a Dangerous Time”

Is loving your neighbor the basis for morality? Or is it the love of the stranger in your midst? 59 more words



“I am so depressed!” Not a day of mine has passed by without having heard at least one person uttering those very same words. During my days as a high school student I assumed that all the sad people who said they were depressed were indeed feeling so. 1,728 more words

Let's talk about seeing. For real

Collette (28 January 1873 – 3 August 1954) is the one to go to when it comes to seeing. Not only a Nobel Prize nominated novelist, she was also an actor and a well known and popular journalist. 518 more words