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Training schedule (kind of)

Some of my human readers told me they liked my post on the best workout in the Bubbles Guide on Happy Healthy Living, but they need more information on how to incorporate this into their life. 492 more words


Food for thought: equipoising

I like the way Austin Kleon communicates with his audience (Austin Kleon of Steal Like an Artist fame amongst many other tags and feats). Once a week he sends a newsletter via email with 10 things that have captured his attention. 308 more words

Food For Thought

I grok Susie Bubble

I’ve added a whole heap of inspiration to my plate in recent months, including fashion and fashion blogs. I’m also a new convert to the term… 201 more words

Things That Inspire

I was patting myself on the back last night for having successfully set up an email address incorporating my ktbradshaw.com domain. I crowed to a computer-savvy friend on social media, and he responded: 209 more words


Erin Godbey: The Heartbeat of Greenville Grok

Hi all! There’s someone we’d like you to meet! Chances are if you’ve been to Greenville Grok in the past you may not have had the pleasure of meeting her, and that’s unfortunate. 761 more words


Words of Other Worlds (Part 1)

There are robots and extraterrestrials, androids and cyborgs, hyperdrives and wormholes. Characters beam Earthside and chat over commlinks; meanwhile, in cyberspace, digitized avatars and AI routines converse in newspeak. 1,391 more words

Science Fiction

Live ~ Love ~ Laugh

Having someone to speak to about nonsense is awesome. Being able to hug someone when needed is even better. I had that a while ago and although I miss it I can only go forward. 508 more words

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