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Pet Shower Tool

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Going Bald

As women, we all know we have “maintenance” we have to do. Clean up the bikini line, take care of strays, that kind of thing. But one thing I did not know as a naive 27-year-old woman was that some women take it all off. 584 more words


Pollution Protection

Anti pollution has been an area of buzz in the cosmetic industry for a few years now, it sounds like an honourable pursuit but what does it really mean? 922 more words


Total Body Grooming Guide for Men: Trim vs Shave Routine

We, as mammals, are covered with hairs. And they are pretty important as they all have specific jobs to do. Like the hair in your armpit is used to disperse the odor of your sweat and the pubes are there to protect your genitals while having sex. 1,663 more words


Living With My Dyspraxia: Grooming and Personal Care

In today’s blog post I’m going to be going through the grooming and personal care struggles that dyspraxics may go through.

Adults with Dyspraxia face challenges daily from tasks that non – dyspraxic adults may find easy to carry out. 273 more words


From Dull to Dazzling

Five essential products to change your daily routine.

During the first couple of months, everyone struggles to find the right products to use for the switch from Winter to Summer. 487 more words