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This post I would say is sort of the continuation of an older post 10 Simple Ways To Look Polished, but let’s face it, this topic is kind of endless. 584 more words


Shaver upgrade

So I was at my aunt’s house for Easter. In her bathroom is a really clean mirror with a good angle for lighting. I did not like what I saw…namely that I just the last night before and I had enough whiskers to warrant a 5:00 shadow! 89 more words

Daily Dealings

I Tried The ageLOC LumiSpa Accent From NU SKIN And Here's What I Think

With the amount of over-time and screen-time that we put in on a daily basis, its no surprise that most of us here in Singapore have puffy eyes and dark circles. 562 more words


what i discovered

a few months ago, i had a good and long talk with my best friend.  we scheduled an undetermined amount of time well in advance, and then spoke for hours the day of our scheduled talk.   2,961 more words


The Clog Blog

City sewer authorities are imploring the women of Ottawa to consider shaving one half of each leg per week to remove winter growth. “We want to avoid clogging pipes as occurred last year when all women residents shaved their legs on the first day that temperatures rose above 0 Celcius.” 287 more words


Don't be stuck. Move forward!

Go move on!

Do you think getting stuck will get you anywhere?

We have only one life to live so don’t waste time

Be positive and be strong enough to move on…

Grooming Tips for Men

You’re not the dude on the cover of Men’s Health. No need to cry into your bowl of Ruffles, big boy. There’s plenty you can do now to move a notch closer. 746 more words

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