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LP Review; Tonight Alive: "Underworld"

“Book of Love” starts with a rapid melodic line found in the instrumental section paired with electronics. This melodic idea sounds similar to the twinkling of a light, and it is quickly joined by faint vocals that sound as if they are found in the distance. 2,020 more words


Hardkandy feat. Laura Vane - Hey Lover 

Another cool track from the latest Hardkandy’s work,  ‘Second to None’ (2008) featuring singer Laura Vane


I’ve also decided to a weekly feature of #grooveoftheweek for my instagram. Check out my groove for this week!

Here's my new thing- #grooveoftheweek • Something funky.

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JPGroove Site Relaunch and Special 12 Hour, 20% off Sale Today Only!!!

JPGroove posted an announcement on their facebook page yesterday, regarding their website which has been relaunched with a whole new sleek design. If you get a chance to check out their new website it is very clean and easy to navigate, I often kind of lament that some doll websites seem to be still have the same clunky layout as they did like 10 years ago so it’s nice to see a store actually put significant work into their site and upgrade it, I just hope that the server has also been upgraded as JPGroove often seems to struggle with server strain during their special sales. 257 more words


Avatar - Avatar Country

Avatar Country was always destined to be one of 2018’s biggest headfucks, even before the concept was revealed, but perhaps the biggest surprise is just how normal Avatar have made an album about guitarist Jonas “Kungen” Jarlsby’s life as a King sound … “normal” of course being relative within the band’s own batshit Animaniacs court jester kingdom.  492 more words


Endless Boogie "Focus Level"

Another double album, though there are only 11 long songs, some mostly instrumental, and some with singing that reminds me a little of the Chinese Electrical Band (my first band, not at all Chinese). 436 more words

Bop Battle; Beartooth: "Disgusting" vs "Aggressive"


“Disgusting” was Beartooth’s 2014 release, which gave the metal/hardcore scene an album they didn’t know they needed in their lives. With this debut release, the band came in swinging with a characteristic style that was completely different than everything else that was around at the time and still today. 849 more words