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Celery: (n) a cultivated plant of the parsley family

An ounce of consecration yields a pound of cure.

As human beings we spend an awful lot of time complaining about how much effort it takes to get results. 334 more words

B Words

Mystical Steppa - Dub Vibrations

It’s been too long since I put some dub on here (sheesh, nearly a year) :o

So I’ve got the week off work, which means my kiddies are staying with me, which means I have to be more within the real world than when they’re not staying with me. 118 more words

My Epic Wishlist

Recovery - Gramtik & Eric Krasno

Alright this is a perfect summer day jam. Imagine laying on a beach, beer in hand with this jam on dancing with your friends. Gramatik and Eric Kranso deliver this smooth groovy track. 18 more words

Revolutionary Girl Utena Pullips teased!!!

Groove just announced a very exciting upcoming collaboration series via their blog and I am beyond elated for it as the new collaboration series is with one of my all-time favorite anime/manga series Revolutionary Girl Utena ( Shōjo Kakumei Utena). 198 more words


Touken Ranbu -online- Taeyang Higekiri Announced

Earlier this year Groove announced the start of a new collaboration series with the ultra-popular Touken Ranbu -online- game series, back in April Isul Yagen Toushirou became the first doll released as a part of this new series. 373 more words