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My Disgusting Condition

Dear Friends and Family,

I am writing this email to tell you all that I appreciate your inquiries about my health. As you may have heard, I am in the hospital. 573 more words



My son and I were at the pet store buying some fish food, which of course also means a complete lap of the animals for sale. 858 more words


Saw a few good horror movies

Shock waves(1977) is a Spooky low-budget movie about undead Nazis rising up to attack a group stranded on an island.  The death corps are different from the usual movie zombie types.  324 more words


What Are My Responsibilities Towards My Roommate's Cat?

Dear Uncommon Courtesy,

My roommate has a cat who sometimes vomits and less often … poops … around the apartment. Sometimes when this happens I am the only one home, or the first to find the pile. 881 more words


Gross Out Party

Our friends think we’re a little loop-the-loop and they are probably right. Who else would organise a party for 35 almost-seven-year-old boys in their tiny back garden and wack on a… 535 more words

Parties On A Shoestring Budget