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OMG: Shaq's Feet Are Scary AF

Anything goes on television nowadays — even if you’re a respectable sports analyst.

Shaquille O’Neal took funny and gross to the next level on Inside the NBA  185 more words


Shaq's gnarled foot grossed out the entire Internet

Be warned, everyone: What you’re about to see may make you nauseous, especially if you’re in that large group of people who hate feet.

For some reason, Turner’s Shaquille O’Neal — … 337 more words


If You Are Thinking About a Hairless Sphynx for a Pet...

… mind you, I would not give up my boys for anything. But I had to bathe Franklin today after he had a bath a week ago. 73 more words


A Skunk's Spray Can Be Smelled From Up To 1.5 Miles Away

So, they’re basically stink hot spots… Skunks should at least put up a sign. 6 more words


A Cyclist Stopped In The Middle Of A Race To Drop A Deuce

Tom Dumoulin was leading a race in Italy, but had to stop on the side of the road to drop a deuce! He pulled down his racing onesie and popped a squat next to a road sign.



What are Tonsil Stones Video by Gross Science

Gross Science covers what are tonsil stones in a very informative video that’s gathered over 5 million views to date. Enjoy below!