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Shitty Day

The best way to lose the last 10 pounds of baby weight postpartum is to get a stomach bug.

I haven’t eaten in a day and a half. 28 more words

Uma Thurman of the Owls

“Have you ever seen Motherhood? No one has. It’s $1.99 online. $1.99 to see me act.”

The owls were trying to sleep, but she kept chattering on. 811 more words

A Night To Knight

“Miss Lewis… Emily Lewis… time to wake up…”

Drool was dripping down the side of her mouth. She licked it up and swallowed the glob of spit in her mouth. 1,150 more words


Before the last relapse I was a few months in and lost 15 pounds. Now back to almost where I was. I think I tried too many things at once. 247 more words


Drinking orange juice right after you brush your teeth

Yuck! P’tooey! Vom!

Get this venom away from me.

And quick – I need something to literally scrape the taste buds off my tongue.

Photo by Tony Kirkbride on Unsplash