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Reason #1,373: Where did they get all those corpses? Ew...

Oh man. I mean, I know people resort to pretty brutal things in times of war, and that in itself is horrible enough. But this is gross and probably unsanitary. 58 more words


What's the Grossest Place in Your Office?

The grossest place in your office is probably the microwave. Exploding food, lava flows, and spills line the walls and cake around the carousel. And no one feels compelled to wipe it out. 349 more words

How is it so black?!

Since there are no seasons in Singapore, it can be hard to know when to do a Spring clean. That’s probably why I missed it and under the couch looks like this. 16 more words


FOX NEWS: 28 percent of delivery drivers admit to eating customer's food, study claims

28 percent of delivery drivers admit to eating customer’s food, study claims