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Inubaka, Crazy For Dogs: Volume 1

By Yukiya Sakuragi

“All alone except for her loyal mutt Lupan, 18-year-old Suguri moves from the countryside to the big city to find a job and a new life! 537 more words

Written By Maddy

Vacation Bloopers


My husband, sons, and I are on vacation in North Carolina during our week off of school/work. We left behind a cold, rainy/snowy Wisconsin so the cool 600-degree weather (Whoops! 587 more words


Death And Taxes

There are two sure things, it is said – death and taxes.  This observation is attributed to Benjamin Franklin and it remains true.  Only this week the order seems to be reversed. 746 more words


Ben's Top 5 Least Favorite Botfly Videos That You Absolutely Must Not Watch In Order To Sleep At Night (in no particular order)

This is going to totally be a Viewer Discretion advised kinda thing. Seriously, viewer discretion advised.

It all started one late night when I couldn’t sleep so I was surfing around on YouTube, just letting the winds of the Related Videos Algorithm take me anywhere it wanted to go, and before I knew it I was in a deep black pit of Botfly removal videos. 330 more words


The time someone pooped next to us on the train during Tokyo rush hour, and we tried to be nice

Rush hour is a pretty unpleasant time to be on the train in Japan under any circumstances, but this was a whole new set of problems 856 more words


One Mouse Down

Trigger Warning: This post does contain some blood and guts stuff, plus a little rodent horror.

In my inaugural post, which happened only WEEKS ago, I said that I live with a boyfriend, a cat, a rat, and six mice. 551 more words


Milk Seafood Cup Ramen

“Milk seafood” sounds absolutely terrible. How could I resist? 

Weirdly, though, it was actually really good! I think I would rank it in top 3 best cup ramens I’ve found. 22 more words