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Original Work: Massacre

In which I have someone called “The Doctor” murder all or one of my OCs in VERY graphic ways so.

CW: Blood, gore, murder, I literally read this while squinting. 1,467 more words

Writing Prompt - Heightened Senses

Noxious smell
Sulfuric odor emission
Catalytic converter problem
Olfactory nerves stimuli
Scent of truth
Passenger broke wind
Roll down the windows
Possible thirteen ahead…
18 more words


Concrete Angel: A Danny Phantom OC fanfiction

Concrete Angel

Summary: Introducing Ellie. Vlad meets a strange girl on his way home one night. ONESHOT VM x OC
Disclaimer: Don’t own DP, BH does. 1,245 more words


Random #69347957080123

This is what Offset has cereal with every morning.

Reason #1,373: Where did they get all those corpses? Ew...

Oh man. I mean, I know people resort to pretty brutal things in times of war, and that in itself is horrible enough. But this is gross and probably unsanitary. 58 more words