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Fieldroast corn dogs

I had so much hope for this product since it first came in, looks so good on the package.

When out, they dont look so bad either, the batter was clearly fucked up, more cornmeal than corn batter. 116 more words


The Return of Swamp-Ass (Summer is Here)

How could any white man claim superiority over this level of funk? All of their outfits look like they were created exclusively from the glitter section at… 565 more words


Poop Story Double Feature: Part Two, Everybody Poops

Ya’ll, I’m telling you I don’t know what happened to my family but it was bad. Maybe the planets aligned or someone put a hex on me. 722 more words

Imagery (You’re Welcome)

I have trouble sleeping now

Because I had a dream

Involving my first cousin

And a gallon of whipped cream.

If you don’t think that’s creepy… 17 more words


Welcome to New York.....The rapists are waiting for you!


I am officially convinced there is a mass conspiracy to slowly murder New York as a state. From dumbass Cuomo literally milking anyone in the lower middle class like my cute ass DRY via taxes. 785 more words