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The best place yet!

So anyone who has asked me about my travel experiences will know that, so far, I have one favourite place that is a stand out. If I had the choice to return any one place in the world, it would be Capri. 526 more words

The fascinating Capri!

“The beauty is majestic, changing skies are magical, The faraglioni rock formations are miraculous, you look fascinating when those ships dot you all over!

Hey Capri, I yearn for every moment I left you, my eyes long to see you, my mind dreams of you every moment and my heart beats for you! 197 more words


Angels Landing Hike

This beauty of a hike is nestled within the Zion National Park, Utah, and you would need to catch the green line and get to stop #6 (Grotto) to start at the West Rim Trailhead. 147 more words


SARDINIA: Neptune's Grotto

We’ve all read or seen a pirate movie, YES? ¬†In the pirate stories they usually hide their loot in a hidden cave. When I heard there was a beautiful cave in Alghero called, “ 390 more words



After an awesome flight with the turbo prop machine we finally landed on Saipan and enjoyed the weather.

At 16:00 we met our host, Tillman (from Couchsurfing) at Cafe Mango Six. 972 more words


Uniquely Baguio

Baguio City, dubbed as the summer capital of the Philippines, is among the top holiday destinations in the country. This city of pines vastly surrounded by trees has one of the freshest air across the archipelago. 747 more words



We stumbled from Spanish into French as our excitement for the fresh, warm bakery had distracted us. Fresh bread and pastries have a way of filling the nose and emptying the brain of all rational thought. 1,126 more words